The universe, or the cosmos, has already preselected your soul mate

The universe, or the cosmos, has already preselected your soul mate


Fate. It is what it is

is she age-appropriate?

were is she …


she is on the way hurray hurray

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well if you do have one I can tell you she is out there thinking and breathing right now… or at least I’d hope so ;)… go find it

i love your title. truth is though, i’m not feeling vulnerable enough recently for Ms. Wrong - - - nothing wrong with the wrong woman for the wrong man - - - I’m looking for something a little . . . lighthearted. Hopefully with an older woman. I have Mommy Issues :slight_smile: Women run from that word like it’s the plague. How about, “I want a Mommy?” How about, “I want to be the one who feels desired and be permitted to be playful about it all.” What is the right way to say that?


I think we have multiple soul mates. And not all of them are romantic or sexual relationships. They can be brief friendships that were important to you, even relatives. They come in and out of our lives.

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pedro, you are my soulmate

I don’t think there are exactly the same number of men and women on earth. I don’t want to be the guy that winds up with a space alien, but it seems likely.

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:slight_smile: chest… you’re a strange one but you have demonstrated a lot of like-able things to me… and are therefore endeared.

lol. so in other words, you aren’t going to answer ;p

… [was it…]

lol chest… I feel ya on that man… you said it plainly…

I don’t know man. I’m lucky in having a few friends who desired me like that… it was swell but I still hated myself for taking advantage of them… Two of them chicks love me to the core of it… like I’m their dream dude… I think it’s ■■■■■■ my love karma up to have that happen.

It is possible my good sir!.. it is… but you might want to be… more headed in the direction of something that women appreciate…

oh, i don’t introduce myself that way. my interest is just sometimes met with disbelief. that’s where i’m at a loss.

we all use people. that’s just how it is. as long as you didn’t “mis-use” those friends, you have nothing to regret. you can’t help how other people feel, and if someone backs you into a corner where you have to say, “I love you too” or look like a complete dick, screw 'em. They’re asking to be lied to. My thoughts anyway.

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Maybe my boyfriend and I are more compatible with others.

I don’t know.

Our eyes don’t connect but I think we could make a great team n take good care of each other.
He is great in so many ways and I love him.

I do not know if there’s some one out there I would be better suited with or likewise for him.

But I love him n we seem to go good together in a way.
He is by computer most of time n I sit to myself doing my thing n resting etc but usually make coffees for him through out the day.

I need guy to understand me n how fragile I can get n be…etc n understand I need my line time n don’t feel up to working with my body n person as such…

I am very romantic in what I want n want a lot through all of who one is etc

Take too long to explain here…

I think I trust he is faithful but hope he didn’t have some thing he didn’t know about or so.

Giving us time.
I feel like I’m surviving n maybe after I will feel more certain or sure about who he is etc

I believe I have some one “way out there with” as such .

It’s possible that’s my boyfriend.
I love him and I’m faithful to him .

I do not know.

I just need to rest n heal right now.

Wishing us good love lives yo :two_hearts:

The girl I fell in love with when I was19 I put our birthdays and names into a compatibility app and we got 100% compatible. It was love at first sight. We had so much in common she seemed like my soulmate. Never meet anyone like her again. But she was too psycho even for me. Only complex I have is the “I already met my soulmate and she didn’t want me complex”. So I try to compensate in other aspects of life.

My imaginary GF is good enough. She loves, cares for me does everything i want I love her.

I would’ve have done anything to be with her. I did drugs for her when she peer pressured me. Changed my personality for her. She called me egotistical once so I set out to destroy my ego.

I literally went crazy for her. And that wasn’t enough. So now I gotta get it in other ways. Maybe we were too young to be tied down like that. But now I diss her a lot in my songs. I didn’t give myself enough credit for my “game” towards her back then. I have much better game now but still I wasn’t as bad as I had thought.

I think I want to spend the rest of my life etc with my boyfriend and I do Love n adore him.

He laughs more with others and if he is closer to others or we are then it’s not as it should be really perhaps.

He said we might not have same type of humour.
I love to see him happy n laughing though.

I love cuddling him n being with him.