The ultimate locked post

Here we go. The ultimate in locked posts.

Religion, god, jesus, buddha, atheism, etc… Your thoughts.

Suicide, bad, right, wrong?

I should be able to block people.

Aliens. Bigfoot. Ufos. Ancient astronauts.

Microchips in people’s heads.

The cia, the fbi, government!

Magic is real.

I hate life, everything is horrible, it’s bad it’s bad it’s bad it’s bad, everything is bad and horrible.

Mind control.

Would anyone like to add anything? Get your post in before the ultimate locked post is locked.

It isn’t trolling, it’s just a joke.


Yeah how about pulsating and vibrating tailbone in sleep at night. How about being heated and burning up from lasers. How about forced dreams. Forced sex. Forced speech.

How about why liive with suffering pain and torture

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How about having two kids with disabilities because of radiation exposure.

Dude…you didn’t even mention sex.

Hardcore mentally ill pornography, all mentally ill cast sodomy orgy. Guys and girls. Bisexuals and gays, and heteros.


Jesus is our savior.

Jesus was quite psychotic from what I gather. Talking to God is one thing, him talking back is a symptom of psychosis.

Thank you Pilate.


OH PANS!!! Why so sssssssserious?


I :heartbeat: JESUS! #MCF

He not serious I’m serious sick of this crap.

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sorry. I’m sick of my crap too.

Let us pray.

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Ha I might be struck down

I will place my good words for the day here also before this gets locked. The voices are souls of thousands of people they are compressed into each other then enter into your souls mind by the means of a infected angel where they are trying to become you from within you. The voices are there only to keep you from ever figuring this out and keeping you from becoming yourself the true you. This is the short and condensed version.


Somebody get the lock.

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I gotta give it to ya @pansdisease…you made me laugh with your opening post. :smiley:


I think God and Buddha were atheists who believed suicide was good, blocking people is obviously not okay, there are definitely aliens and UFOs who read our mind. Jesus said everything in life is bad for you, and you should turn that tracking device in your head off before magic takes over. That is all.



THIS is the ultimate ‘locked post’.


(Insert hanous slandering of other users)

Btw… It would seem your reverse psychology has worked this time pan. That’s right we’ve known all along that you are pan and are just pissed that no one believes in you.

A first for the forum.

Calls for a celebration.

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