The two times my parents sabotaged me

I got ill at age 19. Like a lot of guys on here, at that age, I wanted to lose my virginity. It was constantly on my mind. I wasn’t too good with women though, I may be wrong but back then every woman I was around, in public or elsewhere, seemed to put a vibe out towards me that they were unapproachable by me. Like they didn’t want me even to try to talk to them or get near them. Kinda made it hard to have sex, lol.

My dad worked for the state of California as a surveyor and he was in charge of a little 5 person crew at that time. He had a woman on his crew who he became good friends with. It just happened that she was very good looking. She was about 28 years old at the time. Excuse my crudity but she had a smokin body too.

I was in a group home and a few times my dad would drive the state truck to visit me and this woman friend would be with him. I met her and she was friendly and my dad must have discussed my situation with her. She had been around the block a few times and she was nice and she sized me up pretty well. She knew guys pretty well and to make a long story short, she could see I was desperate to lose my virginity.

So she made an offer to my dad that she would have sex with me! Seriously. My dad told me about this and I couldn’t believe it, I was dumbfounded. But man, I was willing. But my dad told her no, I think because he was afraid it would be awkward to work with her after that (if she slept with me). I couldn’t believe my dad said no. She was fine! I was kind of mad at my dad for saying no.

The second time was a year later when my parents made friends with the neighbors across the hall in our apartment. It was a young couple and the women’s sister always used to visit. My parents were a little older than them I think, they were around 45 and the young couple was in their 30’s. They were actually a little weird but they became friends and I was hospitalized at the time. On a weekend pass I met the three neighbors.

The wife was not good looking but her sister was kind of cute and I was 21 and the biggest turn-on for me for some reason was older women. At that age they just seemed so exciting and sexually, I guess I thought if one of them liked me, an older women would “show me the ropes” when it came to sex.

Anyways, I met the three and I was over their apartment and all of us used to go to the nearby school and play tennis. I used to be really good at tennis and so were my mom and dad and the sister was OK and it was fun. They knew I lived in the hospital and one day both sisters made an offer to visit me inside the hospital. I read between the lines and I knew the cute sister liked me and she could read me too and I was about 90% sure she would have sex with me.

But the unfortunate problem was that my parents could see this too and they nixed the whole visit because they thought again it would be awkward. I was furious at my parents for wrecking that, I thought it was selfish of them. I couldn’t get the time of day from any other woman at the time and they wrecked my only chance.

Those were about the only times that my parents really messed me up.


I feel for you man. I know what it is like to be sabotaged as well.

Although I do think you should give your parents some benefit of any doubt you might have. They would have been trying to do the right thing by you.

Whenever I was sabotaged, it felt malicious, but I can’t rule out the possibility I was being paranoid.

spellbinding story

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