The tv turned on me! my celebrity voices

well shortly after i developed voices, i had the phenomena of hearing celebrities in my head. i remember hearing from morgan freeman, dick vitale, hillary clinton, micheal steele, and cheyrl miller. i remember one day i hiked like 20 miles and morgan freeman’s voice was narrating on my thoughts the whole time. now i just hear from friends and family mostly. it was an experience, makes me nervous about watching too much tv. i don’t turn on the television until 6pm where i watch news and basketball at night. but if i was unmedicated i know i probably couldn’t watch television.

I used to think the news people could see me, and thought the girls on the show charmed were sending me messages and mocking me

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my last voices were in 2010 at the psych ward


There’s a few voices I would of liked to hear instead of the crap show I’ve had to listen to. LoL. :relaxed:

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