The truth people care

This is going to be a long story that you should all read about schizophrenia that may change the way you see things, i’m going to try get everything down so bare with me and pay close attention to what i’m about to say.

When I was going through schiz in december 2012, I managed to catch a train to the city after breaking up with my missus while still managing to hold myself together to some extent while being completely psychotic.

I don’t know the city of by heart but I do know a route I always took to the casino - so off I went for a journey around the city completely dazed and confused and a bit lost and messed up.
I made my way to a mc donalds this is where it gets really interesting - when I made it to the mc donalds I was really messed up so I waited in line for my order and the people stood behind me about 50 in a packed street mc donalds I was completely gone and messed up, about 19 years old wearing skinny jeans and a button up shirt and lace up shoes it wasn’t a good look for my age but who cares - I went in and ordered my meal I said can I please have an Australian which was the burger they were doing at that time, the lady to my left said oh, I’ll have that - than a voice of a few tools that we all knew and met in high school at the back of the line peeped up and said hurry up can u see that cu#nt referring to me.

I stood there and someone behind me said oh I might have that too - keep in mind it wasn’t on anymore this burger it had ended a year prior - but they all twiddled their thumbs and let it go on for a bit and the boys at the back got a bit more restless than I turned and said to the lady serving me i’m a psychopath I can show people their true colors and she smirked keep in mind massive line waiting - and i’m full blown schiz at this point still dressed like i described and I said ain’t it interesting how they follow you around, than the lady to the left said oh I don’t want that burger I’ll have this one and the dude behind me said the same now keep in mind the dudes at the back are still roaring and a bit intoxicated making everyone feel uncomfortable this is where I snapped and said fu#k this in my head, I turned left to the chick that was ordering as well and said and they wonder where they get their “gear” from AKA drugs and than this lady abrupted who was serving me and started saying NO WAY NO WAY this is where it really took of they started going is he going on about gear and drugs and all that who is that c#nt the boys at the back said and I leaned over the counter and stared into the back room and said yep and this kid about 16 shook his head and looked to his co-worker and said f#ck it dude i’m doing it i’m doing it i don’t care if I get sacked and the servee chick said to them I’ll tell you when your doing it right. keep in mind i’m still full blown schiz all these people around us knew what was going on and I hadn’t even paid for a meal yet I turned over to them and said just let me knew when to go from the store because I was a bit clingy and all over the place and i’m a bit lost right now and pointed to my head and they said okay and I said no I’m really lost right now and they’re like OH MY GOD it’s happening now we’re doing it.
the chick to my left still waiting for her meal said I wanna SEE It! and a few others piped in me too.
next thing you know the chick handed over a free meal and coke to me and asked if I was going to eat it and I said no i’m not going to i’m going to give it to someone - as I was walking past after the lady said it’s okay to go to me so I knew I walked past and the boys at the back of the line said LOOK AT HIM LOOK AT THAT C#nt and I heard a massive up-roar from the people in the line AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE OI OI OI this was after the boys had been discussing whether there was going to be a fight with me involved and everything for about 5 minutes and had pissed of everyone because everyone else could see I wasn’t right I walked past and they said THIS MEALS GOOD and than one of the drunken idiots said wtf is going on are they spitting in food, at this moment the lady who was to my left as I was walking away turned around and said you guys are a bunch of idiots and you’re going to eat here one of the drunken idiots said SO WHAT WE’RE all hungry who the F#ck do you think you are. What happened was, every single person in the line and every employee in that mc donalds waited and watched as the boys ordered their food and had them spit up massive balls of flem and everything into their burgers and I walked away and gave the free meal to some random on the street walked past anyone want a free meal I don’t want it nothings wrong with it.

I went back there a couple months after my diagnosis and the lady at the servee was on duty and smiled at me and said it was the best thing we’ve ever done glad to see your okay.

Just thought I’d put this out there and yes, I some how managed to find my way back to a train station in the city and catch an hour train ridee home and walk home an hour peacefully without anything happening.

This is a true story that I had some what forgetten but only just remembered.
They got them because of how they were as people and every single person knew it because every single person has met people like them “the cool kids” in school, I created a group during my schiz while being bat sh#t crazy and got everyone to work together and do what we did.

What I’m saying is.

understand this, regardless of reflection or where you’re from - you stand out and a lot of people are still switched on like they’re still in school and everyone at the mc donalds was going to quit if any of them got fired and none did.

R.I.P to the scumbags that never knew what happened to them and they got fooled by a schiz and a bunch of good people.

100% true story I know I’ve left some out but it all came back to me and I’m starting to lose the memory again.

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Because I have kept such a clean life, I’m often okay with people caring just a tad bit less. In fact, sometimes I wish people would care less b/c oftentimes the people are neglecting things of their own life that they need to finish up. Even with SZ, my life is often looking more orderly than their’s.

The “people” I refer to are really just a few family members in my life.

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Strangers have been the ones who have helped me along when I was in the thick of it with my son.
Yes, there are good people! :innocent: **

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does anyone know what I was before schiz? I’m serious I want to know if anyone clued on.

Yes to this for me, although I was the one with Sz…

Glad I never listened to my mom (sorry mom) about not talking to strangers…but the “strangers” would always part with me as “friends”, and how would I have ever known these very good people if I hadn’t talked to them?

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