Have you ever encountered another sz person outside a hospital setting?

Have you?.!.,.,…,.,

…just on this site so far…

Nope, just had one friend who was Schizo that I met in the Hospital and kept seeing afterwards. Last news he is not on meds and not followed by the Hospital staff.

Oh one day I was waiting for someone in front of my building and a Native guy came to talk, told me he was Schizo too and had just escaped from a high-security facility. That was the only time.

I saw this one girl that had Schizoaffective - this was years ago

I’ve met and still meet other schizophrenics all the time at my clinic. My ex wife was schizophrenic. (we met on the former site of this forum)

yes, two people on clozapine, maybe a lot more at my support group.

Met a lot that qualified…but hard to tell if they’ve removed their label off their forehead.
None have ever revealed themselves to me “en vivo” (live)

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I work in the city that has homeless people that you can see are suffering.
One woman even traveled away from the center near our office. She had taken off her shoes and was crying lost and alone. She had not taken her meds. Couldn’t afford or what? I called police because she needed care right away. But what is a city to do when they are full of them? Never saw her again but persistent beggars roan the tourist areas. The ill just hide pretty much unless they are bothered by police and confronted.
This is the shame of the states. Obama care does nothing for them.

I used to see a few people(at the drop in especially) with schizophrenia but have not for a while. One was practically noticeable as he walked down the high street shouting out to the voices.

In my case it would have been more apt if you had said “outside a treatment setting”. I live at an assisted living center for the mentally ill. But to answer your question, yes, I have encountered other sz’s outside a treatment setting. I was a little wary because it was obvious they weren’t on med’s, but it was no big deal to me.

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once working as a field hand, both of us seemed fine and normal if a bit quiet,

in a support setting

With a drama group for the variously fragile, i met another schizophrenic

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No I havent, a few bipolar but no sz

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Both my brothers present with symptoms, but neither has sought out medical help. They are very anti-psych and anti-med. it causes a lot of tension at family gatherings, because I’m so passionate about my gratitude to my treatment team. They think I’ve been brainwashed into being a medication zombie, even though I have experienced no personality-dampening effects. I think they are idiots for choosing obvious suffering over actually being able to live. But then again, the pro/anti-med debate is a highly divisive one in any setting.

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Oh and I forgot: a few of my students at the residential school I worked at had combined autism and schizophrenia. Talk about getting dealt a bad hand. Some of them couldn’t even talk. They would just sit in a corner twitching at unseen things unless we could take their mind off it for a bit.

Yes, a number of them (even excluding treatment facilities/clinics, etc.). I’d say half of them were nice folks, and the other half were assholes. Just like any portion of the population. I’ve always believed we are governed by more than just a mind disease. Some people will tell you that having schizophrenia exempts them from having control over their actions and attitudes, but that is simply not the case.


Met a schizoaffective guy at a bar one time. Dude was a bit off. Spacing out and saying random ■■■■.

I’ve met at least 8 people with schizophrenia (or Schizotypal) only 3 of those people did I meet in the hospital. The town I live in has a lot of mentally ill people.

Many times. Mainly because was a bunch of us going to the same clinic that use to hang out a lot. The usual story a girl came between us all in the end. Was just after one of the group died so friction was high at the time. One I keep bumping into someone there who was like my best friend for awhile. Started a new job like 8 years after we went our separate ways. He was there and ended up training me. Was just a casual position so I wasn’t there to stay though. Did swap phone numbers though.

I always saw them wandering on the street in my country , they look like a zombie and that just unbelievable :mask: . I’m start being scare that someday if i’m going to lose my mind then i will just be like them :sweat: . Maybe the reason is my country have such a poor mental care system :confused: .

I wish that i can help these people but i don’t want to get into any trouble with that because i think it was their family and goverment job .

I’ve met one. He was very considerate, shy and courteous, I’d almost say formal in his speech and manner.