The state hospital had a dance

A guy asked me to dance. He was totally lovable. After the dance was over, he left. I didn’t even get his name. Who’d think I’d have such a good memory from being hospitalized. But maybe that’s how healing begins.
I always find love to be fleeting.


That’s too bad, you didn’t get to know him better. I was at a hospital that had a dance, once. I remember dancing with someone who was nice, but not my type. I remember he had herbal cigarettes. There was someone there I had a slight crush on, but I think he had gone home.

I realized I was being delusional when I kissed a girl at the hospital…

So I agree with healing beginning with interactions with people

Ah, a kiss of truth.

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Yeah I suppose it was🤣 quite literally. For me atleast. I would say it was probably the other way around for her, I freaked her out with my strange beliefs

Hope I didn’t make her delusional lol

What were your beliefs?

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I did a ghost tour of an asylum once. They used to take the locals to the institution to do dances. Not sure if the patients were allowed to participate. but that was back when insulin shock and other stuff were used when talk therapists failed to cure their unusual patients.

The hospital was massive. It had Graffiti all over the walls from halloween parties.

This was a dance specifically for patients. No outsiders at all.

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I just realized I have a photographic memory. Like how I can remember anything just bring up a subject…lilke not numbers letters or codes but I have memories of things of years and years ago I wonder if that means anything or has to do with schizophrenia…

I think thats great there was a dance for patients. Shows how much more evolved things are now because so much was wrong in the past/history with people being discriminated against for all sorts of reasons.

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‘love is fleeting’

i like to believe it will last a life time, but am prepared for the worst…:)…only if i have strong foundation built of self love will it not bring me to a total breakdown

at least that is what i like to believe :upside_down_face:


I rather not discuss😶 it’s really weird… triggering to some

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thats a beautiful comment. working on self-love too but its been hard I went thru and release internal blocks and emotions. Im studying psychology its helping me somewhat…love is love…its a feeling…whats the point of putting it in a box or person. We are all beautiful lovers in our way…like i love life so much, what is the point of dating a man who does not see it or love it as much, more than growth and learning–but i cant take on too much either…ends up throwing the whole idea off.

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yea there is absolutely no point

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I am sure you will find someone one day don’t give up girl!!

but yea like you said it is good to not take on too much , you know your healthy set point best

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I like him more when I am away. I cant tell if its real…so i am going to back off and take a break for awhile.

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I almost had sex with a girl in the mental hospital the first time I was ever there. We kissed a little but I had just attempted suicide and she told me if we got caught they’d send us to a different hospital in Fresno which I didn’t want to. I didn’t get her number I was really having a tough time and I started crying at some point during my stay.

I didn’t Initiate she started hitting on me I was 22 I couldn’t turn down some playtime

I was super hot back then now I look like that guy from the goonies!

Everyone’s old and fat in the hospitals now including me.

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