I sometimes have intrusive thoughts towards people in general since my head pain is so extreme that everything makes me angry, but I keep them as thoughts and wouldn’t want to actually hurt any innocent person.

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I often wonder how it will end for me. and I see death as a actor in my life play around never get in touch with me. but hitting on my soul.

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I personally use religion to conquer my fear of death.

I had a room mate that was dreaming about shooting people like they do in games, that didn’t bother me what did was he had the gun’s to do it, and with he’s depression and gaming it had a frighting feeling to it.

Gamers are actually less aggressive than the general populace, since the violent games act as steam valves for their aggression. They don’t actually make you more violent.

There are statistics that back up this phenomenon, violent crime actually went down for a time when Grand Theft Auto 5 was released, for example.


I apologize in advance for being such a bummer, but I always have this weird feeling that I’m going to die at a young age.

It could just be paranoia though. :man_shrugging:

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