The sparrows and the starlings have been talking to me again :(

Much as I like listening to gripping radio shows, I really didn’t appreciate this program which was all about me. It’s like watching telly, except it seems to be in real time, which is why I stopped watching telly. It was probably because I stayed up all night drinking coffee and paid the money to the NSA son friend. You know birds are descended from dinosaurs and some people talk about reptiles. I prefer watchin telly with my eyes closed. Thank you.

I remember the local intelligence agency had programmed all the birds to send me messages. I came unstuck when I played golf and a drive on the 9th fairway hit a duck. I thought it was all programmed to send a lesson…

I think we both know that both aren’t too plausible in the scheme of things no matter how real it seems…how’s those meds going with you ?

They have been talking all morning, I don’t know why…

I think the birds may be manipulated by aliens for some sort of communication device. Its really non of my business what that communication is. If a voice bothers me to much I try to focus on a new voice. Sometimes I can trigger one by reading a book.

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