Do pigeons have cameras?

In their eyes?
Is it a fact?
Or just a suspicion?

No, they don’t.


Ok thank you.
It was staring at me
and when i looked back at it,
it flew away

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This won’t help you, but there’s a movement called “Bird’s arent real”

I think its just a parody of conspiracy theories.
Birds definitely are real. There are no cameras on them. They are living creatures just like you and I. Maybe it was just curious.

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I feel cameras all over.

Instead of drones,
they use birds with cameras

Haha thats a new one for a delusion. Nah mate - just poison them with slug pellets if they are annoying you round your building.

Pigeons are vermin, they are more likely to eat your sewage from the drain than spy on you.

Sorry your getting these ideas. You did make laugh tho.


I’m afraid its just a delusion.
Do you think cats and dogs have cameras on them too?
Just because you feel it doesn’t mean its true.


I’m glad you laughed.
I take no offense.


Instead of drones,
they use animals
who carry cameras,
so I don’t notice.
But now I know.
I will stop making
a show for them

Yes, all animals

Delusion man, sorry. They will poop on a freshly washed car, though.

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I think you should mention this to your care co ordinator/P doc. Sounds like you are feeling quite paranoid.
Obviously I can’t change your mind, but try and reason with your feelings. What do you think is so interesting about you that someone would spy on you?


Come on - behave. Use a bit of logic. Your schizophrenic and yet you believe birds are spying on you?

Doesnt it click its your MI?

Dont panic.


It’s a show with me starring without my consent.
I can’t explain any further.
They are watching constantly.

Pigeons are brainless and have eyes, not cameras lol


Don’t you think they would go to a person of importance like a celebrity or a political target/opponent? Or someone nefarious who does illegal activities? Why would they chose you to spend their technology on?


Sorry - your nothing special like the rest of us on here, so no bugger is gonna be spying on you - least of all a poxy pigeon.

I would take your meds and goto bed early if i were you - if you cant rationalise it.


Does it sound crazy?

I’m nothing special, I know.
Now i heard a pigeon again.
I see them through the window.

Scared of birds.


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