The social paradox

A part of me wants social interaction and yet I am scared of people getting too close to me.

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Same feeling here. The problem is that even if you get closer one day and decode to break the ice with someone the very next day with the very same person it is as if a complete new experience and all the effort you put before evaporates

Even 40% alcohol does not help. Tried it once. :tropical_drink:

R.D. Laing said the schizoid personality fears emotional closeness because we lack a coherent, unified identity and individuality — we lose ourselves in other people. We fear this loss of self and disengage socially.

It’s an interesting theory; I don’t know if it applies to everyone.

The thing is of the ICD criteria which requires 4 for a diagnosis I only definitely fit-

3.Consistent preference for solitary activities…

With 4. I am ambivalent ie it is more fear than a lack of desire. Ditto with 6 and sex- although my sex drive isn’t high it’s fear born out of lack of confidence,self esteem and incompetency in performing the act rather than not being at all interested in sex that is the issue.

Have done various online tests and it always comes out negative for schizoid.

i’m the same i just take a cattle prod with me…works everytime.
take care

There are a number of variables that could determine if one is officially “SZ”, it’s all up to your doctors and your history.

There isn’t an exact definition, but if you feel comfortable in this group I’m pretty sure SZ is a very accurate assumption.

I have never figured out my process through a certain algorithm of science, but have accepted it through others experiences being similar to mine. SZ is just a word. Your interpretation of your rationality will determine whatever it is you want to. Either way I know all members of this forum are here for you and care.