The same thing over and over


There are some times when the repetitiveness of my days are of great comfort to me. I know what to expect and it’s soothing. But there are days when it drives me crazy. I hope for anything out the usual just to wake me up. I want to feel something, anything. All this same is too much same for me sometimes. I’m restless I guess. Now watch, the universe will dump a dump a bunch of sh*t on me just because I said something. Then I’ll be praying for my good old boring days back. lol such is life. What about you, do you like the routine or the surprises?


I like to be exited…


Boring to hell is over the planet… you should change from time to time something … all bussnisess have to come up for something new and exciting to keep rolling


What kind of surprises @leaf ???


I don’t know. I good surprise might be a special visitor. A bad surprise might be a visitor you don’t like who stays to long and smokes all your cigarettes lol.


Before sza I was spontaneous and loved surprises. Now I NEED my routine. I’m very paranoid all the time and I react to the smallest things.


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