I'm so tired of routine

It’s so fuucking boring

The same boring shiit each day over and over.

Life is boring. I need to do something extreme to get excited again

I actually find having a routine to be helpful to me. I have certain things I do at certain times each day. It’s just a loose schedule, really. Nothing crazy.


I think I want routine. I think the paranoid part of me didn’t trust routine because it made me predictable to attackers.

But deep down now I want some structure and routine


Oh how i would love to have routine. Im incapable of it and it bores me, but i get stressed too because i have none. Life is one big chaos. No need for extreme stuff, im already overwhelmed with normal life.

Id love to have a very structured partner. Give me boredom and routine. :grinning:

At least you have a skill and make money.

What’s routine? j/k lol I’m with @anon73478309 on this one, I’d love routine but I’m incapable of it. I also have really bad A.D.D. and it’s hard for to me to stay focused on any one thing unless I am learning something new. Anytime I try to start a routine, I usually can’t even get thru the 1st day with it. It drives me crazy! I can feel busy all day long, but apparently I’m busy doing absolutely nothing at all!! My mind moves 1000MPH constantly thinking about everything I need to do, want to do, and didn’t do…I find it paralyzing! If I could only focus on ONE thing at a time, I could actually get something accomplished. Instead, my mind basically tells me:
“Yeah…Good luck with that!” Lol

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