The regulars/old timers on this board seem to be doing pretty well

I think there’s a lot to be said about the combo of time/support/education on the illness. I’ve noticed for the very most part, the long time regulars are doing pretty well, myself included. So to you “newbs” who are struggling, stick around for a little bit. Don’t give up and follow advice of members who are doing well. Take yo meds. Just my 2 cents :slight_smile:


Yeah, sticking around here has definitely been good for my recovery. It’s good to always have someone around to say, “No, that’s a delusion. You’re just crazy.” It’s a good way to mentally check myself.


You’re a good kind of crazy :slight_smile:


every now and then I have problems but I come here and discuss it with some of the people on here and I feel better.


Like I said before, this site has really helped me through some tough times.
The people on here have been supportive and kind.
I consider being on here more helpful than therapy with my ex therapist.


I guess it’s a form of peer support!


Just want to say in February it will be my 2 year anniversary and I can say I feel like i have schizophrenia now. :blush:

Kidding. Maybe.
two years of love-hate relationship with this beautiful place. It helped a lot.


I’m 50 years old…

I’m lucky in a way that I wasn’t diagnosed till I was 38 years old. I had already established my friends, and started a young family. I really feel for you 16-20 somethings starting out your young lives with this affliction. I have a lot of empathy for all of you.

I always say, if I ever ‘hit it’ in the money department, I’d throw a whack of cash at research for young adults with Sz.

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If I won the lottery I would donate a load to this site. Has helped me loads.

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