Completely stuck on this site

You peeps couldn’t talk any slower. Jk I can be patient. If you guys think I need to back off just let me know.

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@BryanAshley,you could visit other mental health forum like

Maybe you can separate your postage by posting at music forums(that’s your interest right?)

No,you keep this forum going,continue to post as much as you want lol


This is my life at this point.

As @Gtx1990 said add other sites Nothing wrong in increasing support on and offline.
Offline support groups help with socializing also your more likely to get information on what other local help is available for you.

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Yeah we got nami meetings but it’s a bunch of moms with druggy sons. A couple older people who have sz themselves. It’s only once a month.

In real life I pretend I don’t have mental illness. Seems to work at this point, nobody knows. Less they are reading my mind and everything I experience is real.

This forum is just prime though, powered by discourse (I’m on mobile for the most part). Good people who I already kind of know.

Sz focused. Rational and pro psychiatry. More pro psychiatry then I am that’s for sure. But I think it’s a good place to get started.

I have heard a couple stories though, which is pretty few, about people being prescribed meds and then developing psychosis/ schizophrenia.

It is kind of sparse around here lately.

You know it patches.

hi bryan Ashley there are times when life gets busy and times when its not your always kind to people so post away my friend its what this place is for.