The question

This is for those who are jobless, or have been jobless while this question was asked. What do you say when you meet new people and they ask you, "what do you do?"
I hate being asked this because I never know what to say, I never have a job, and I receive disability income. It makes it very hard to meet new people when that’s a very common topic for strangers to talk about.

P.s. I know this is a reacuring topic. No need to remind me of that.

e(Y)e Do My Best To Quietly and Humbly Tell Them , That Yes , e(Y)e Saved Tha Universe … ,

Then They Always Call Tha Police … ,

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No need To Thank Me … ,

" You happiness is thanks enough " - The Flaming Lips … :wink:


It’s a difficult question for me too. To some I say I took early retirement. To others I say that I have been medically boarded due to health reasons. I try my best not to elaborate.

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I play music and get into trouble. I like to do graffiti but I don’t tell people that haha

I hate the mentality people have where they want to know what you’re doing, what can you give me? What do you provide.

A stern ■■■■ you is what I usually provide, because I don’t buy into ■■■■■■■ consumerist ■■■■■■■■. It creates so much ■■■■■■■ waste because everybody is in some ridiculous pissing contest doing their made up “jobs” for what purpose? Humanity needs to be focused on permanence, because this business economy is ■■■■■■■ up everything.

Don’t forget that you are more than your illness. Think about the things you actually do, the things that make you who you are. Schizophrenia does not define you, we are not all the same. So a great place to start would be to shake this defeatist notion and think about who you are.

I just blurt out that I’m on disability and do art and music to keep myself occupied. if they don’t like the answer. ■■■■ em.


I typically say in a joking way that I play on computers all day. I don’t elaborate unless I feel like it. Not a lie, I really do just hang out at home and play on computers, and if they want to assume I mean while at work so be it.

You could always talk about a hobby or volunteer work that you do or a class you’re taking our thinking about taking. It’s just small talk, so it really doesn’t matter what you respond with, as long as the conversation keeps moving.


Most of the time i have had voluntary work of a couple of hours or have been a student…

when i get asked i say closest i can to the truth, so at the moment i’d say ‘writer’ because i’m having some success with my writing for for theatre…

Took me a lot of trying / psychosis / giving up before accepting that most sz’s can’t have a full time job

sign up for an evening course in Italian… say ‘i’m learning Italian because i really want to go there’ or a 4 hrs in a charity shop per week and say you work in a shop…

it’s not like they go on to grill you for lots of answers, appear interested in them and talk about any other achievements no matter what they are.


No one really asks me, but if they did, I would tell them Early Retirement, but im at that age - I dont know what you could tell others.

I am sure that you can think of something.

also, there is always the truth… maybe not with small talk but with the second or third time you meet someone

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Im just honest about it.

I say something like “im being murdered by meta physical beings and their abilities. it’s some of that ■■■■■■ up manul ■■■■■■■■ from the movie the craft and they really want me to kill myself.”

Something along those lines you know, the truth of the matter.


try ‘I’m in-between jobs.’ if they ask what field or type of job, answer with a job you have held before.


don’t you have any talents or hobbies? yu could say you’re working on your art, music, skills or i think the best answer is, ‘I’m trying to find my passion’ trying different things


I have a job but I work for my dad I feel more comfortable saying I’m unemployed lol. Usually I don’t but I’ve told ppl I’m on disability and didn’t mention my part time job to go along with it. I’m an odd ball though.

You don’t actually have to give them straight answers, you could say anything and get away with it

You can say you’re amy winehouse they’ll be like “no way! I thought I recognized that hair!”

Lol. I hope people don’t think I look like Amy Winehouse

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She was pretty before she lost teeth from smoking too much meth. I only said Amy because she’s dead and had that alternative look to her that you have. Something I find real attractive.

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my hope is too become rich…

I just say “I don’t.”

…When they have to continue to ask “Why don’t you work?”

I then say…“because I can.”

No one has dared to venture beyond that reply yet.


Lol, no you don’t look like her at all.
I think you are way more beautiful than her and she isn’t even really pretty. Wasn’t, I mean.
I’m not gay btw, I am just saying a fact. :slight_smile: