The puppy scratched me

It bled. She needs her nails trimmed. I called my ex to let him know the vets will do it cheap. He made a big deal about it being 15 bucks. Well then you better get some clippers and learn to do it yourself.

Be careful if you are cutting the nails, it should be done with care, try watching few video in regards to it.

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I think our vet did the nail trimming for free last time we took the dog in for shots and whatnot.

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oh man, she just got her shots on Thursday

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My vets office was glad to trim my puppies nails but at a steep price.
Last time it cost me like 26 dollars.

I no longer own a dog and no more vets for me.

They were a money sucking business.

I easily spent over $4000 on medical expenses at the vets within a 4 month period.

Owning a healthy puppy is expensive but owning a sick puppy can easily put you in debt in a matter of a few months!

Thank goodness we have the means to carry on but no more pets for me.

@Leaf I would start trimming her nails on your own if you can do it.
YouTube has some good tutorials.
Starting with a young pup is best.

Taking your dog to the groomers will be even more expensive than the vets.

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