The psychotic brain is obsessive


Just a thought of mine. I realize the less well I am doing the more obsessive my thoughts become usually around my delusions.

I’ve wondered if this could be a coping mechanism for being unhappy with some aspect of life. But then I question that because when the delusional content is terrifying or horrible it doesn’t make sense because it’s much worse than life. So maybe it is just that the brain is fixated on such strange things because they are strange or horrible and for no other reason.

I think this may also be why so many w sz or psychosis are also diagnosed with ocd. There are a lot of similarities. I was told I have “OCD tendencies” or elements of it but not to the extent where it would warrant a diagnosis. I agree with that.

summary: Psychosis results in obsession, either as a form of escapism or just because the content of the psychosis is so strange or distressing the brain can’t help but fixate on it. This is why I think many w psychosis are also diagnosed w OCD. What do you guys think?


I heard once that ocd is an aspect of schizophrenia. I had it since I was about 6 years old. But never been formally diagnosed but it’s clear I always had it. It rules your whole life not just counting and stuff u become an obsessive person in general. Obsessive about love interests, hobbies, my delusions, how I look, etc… I’ve actually managed to work on this a lot now my thinkings better in general but still yeah.


It’s amazing how fixated I got with the chosen one belief. My whole freaking life, every thought revolved around the belief. By some miracle I’ve managed to get out.


I know I’m obsessive when I’m manic also.


One of the very first signs that I’m becoming psychotic are the obsessive thoughts.
They come in and become unmanageable.


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