The people without color

I want to talk about the people without color and this is the only place I can talk about them without getting in trouble. Lady Jasmine is a beautiful woman who likes to kill people. Shes upset that she cant kill anyone in the world without color. She spews water out of her mouth. Water pours out of her nose and ears. Flowing everywhere like a fountain. Shes a real estate agent of destruction who controls wolves. She protects me with her wolves. She sends them to warn me of danger. I take her warnings. The wolves played with me when I was a child. Lady Jasmine has spoke to me since I was a child.

She talks to me all the time. Through the radio sometimes I hear her whisper. She shows herself to me sometimes. Shes really beautiful. Even when pouring water. She looks forward to when I am in the world without color. She has plans for me. This is why she makes sure im ok in this world. I love Lady Jasmine. I cant wait to shed my colors and join the world without color. I also look forward to seeing Lord Worldwide. Who likes chaos

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I like chaos, but think if I was happy and had a family I would want to grow old with them. If my body was healthy too.
But current state of mind hopes the world ends and God comes! I also want to have sex with the real Bruce Willis.

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I love chaos. I want the apocalypse

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(Wearing moderator hat)

And you calling me colored??

When I born, I black.
When I grow up, I black.
When I go in sun, I black.
When I scared, I black.
When I sick, I black.
And when I die, I still black.

And you white people.
When you born, you pink.
When you grow up, you white.
When you go in sun, you red.
When you cold, you blue.
When you scared, you yellow.
When you sick, you green
And when you die, you grey…

And you calling me colored?? no idea who wrote just was on my mind.


White is as much a color as black is, the diversion is retarded

Man I thought you were taking meds and was stable. didnt you say that a while ago?

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Yeah man you’re scaring the ■■■■ out of me with your colorless people :no_mouth:

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Yeah im stable on meds and im ok. Just felt like talking about Lady Jasmine

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Do you believe she’s real? Is it possible she’s an illusion?

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WHO is ShE!? Some fantasy women you made up in your head?

Its just that this stuff Is a bit , mmm , how can I put it , crazy , no? :slight_smile:


Yes she is real. She has spoken to me since I was a child. She tought me about the world without color. The doctors keep trying to convince me she isnt real but I know she is


Have you ever asked her to leave? She doesn’t sound very pleasant from that description.

Also, are you avoiding meds that get rid of her?

No I havent asked her to leave. Shes been my friend for over 20 years now. She protects me. I would never ask her to leave. Shes really nice. I take my meds. They work. I stop getting delusional. Shes not affected by the meds because shes real

You know I think that when people come in and out of our lives, some stay with us, either in the real sense or in the mystical sense, and also movies, video games, internet music videos can make the most distorted people take over. I think it’s time to unplug. If it’s image, then shatter the illusion.

Can anyone other than you see her? Are you able to capture her on video (e.g. using a smartphone) and play her back for others? Have you tried this? What do your treatment providers think of your relationship with her?


If real(which I seriously doubt) why would you want to be fixated with someone who likes to kill people. Speaks to the fact that you are in a disturbed state of mind and need immediate help.

No nobody else can see her. Just me. Ive tried all sorts of different things to prove shes real but none work. Doctors keep trying to convince me shes just part of my imagination, that shes not real. That I have schizophrenia.