The people around me

they don’t want to hear about schizophrenia. I don’t talk about it that much. I do find myself complaining to them about the side effects of medications since they think I should be taking meds. even though they don’t generally seem to care much I found that talking openly about it has helped me to get past any stigma a schizophrenic diagnosis has.

off on a tangent here, I told my brother that I couldn’t get into the army with a sz dx, but he disagreed. he said there are ways around it. he was in for 20 years. I don’t want to be in the army btw, but I would consider a career as an air force mechanic. too old for the air force.

so far I’ve found that people don’t care, when applying for jobs or talking to family/friends.


Yeah my family doesn’t like hearing me talk about SZA.
They are too self absorbed to care really.


my friend in town has family members with sz. he’s kind of interested in it. says he never used mushrooms or lsd because he knew he had genetic risk for it. thought using those kind of drugs would bring it out. he did smoke pot though so whatever.

anyways he’s an exception to the rule as a psychology major and now case worker.

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Mine say that I made it up,that I’m not schizophrenic but lazy and that I’ve imagining my voices like hearing something like car outside.It’s ridiculous.Now my brothers wife is pregnant and I tried to tell them about how sz can be inherited,but they don’t wanna know much about it.


Yeah, my family is supportive to a fault. But I learned the only person I could talk about delusions to was my dad. He passed away 8 years ago.

I had a student who was dx sz and he was accepted in a military school.

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Yeah a military job sounds like some kind of dream I enjoy lying to people on a regular basis I’d like to outdo the swamp gas lie with diesel emissions.

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