The pdocs prescribe a lot the benadryl in fact?

Hey, pals, i really found by myself this med here… and i like it lol! It even calms down my paranoia and helps me for the sleep yeap :grinning::grinning:
It seems also like quite a safe drug lol…
In fact i didnt know its well recognized in the psychiatry, its the case, isnt it? :thinking::thinking:
They really give it in the hospitals too, even when we are severe? Lol
I take mine since an year and it didnt lose its effectiveness for me still…
So its quite popular med or how? I really didnt know , that between the other hard meds, they use this benadryl too lol…

Might be psychologically addictive.

Maybe docs playing safe as it is an over the counter med. I can’t imagine if I was in hospital for an episode that it would be effective at calming me down. I would need something more hard as you said.

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I was prescribed Benadryl for a short time cuz I had problems sleeping but the darn pill kept me up even more so I was offered in like a month