The Osteopath -please add your experiences

£99/$128 so far . Supposedly some improvement . Another session next week. As the balance etc problems are of 60+ years duration he’s not expecting to make everything normal, but to hopefully get me to my pre lockdown level.

It’s a bad reflection on my health care that no GP/psychiatrist/nurse etc has paid much attention to what have been obvious problems . My stepdaughter has been good at pointing out there’s something amiss.

I have frozen shoulder. And when it was at its worst I tried an osteopath. It did ■■■■ all for it. Waste of money. In the end I got hydrotherapy and physiotherapist on the NHS.

It’s much better now but I still don’t have full range of movement.

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Ideally I’d have preferred NHS tx, but they’ve been next to useless, for the most part, when it comes to my non-mental and mental health issues.

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