Third session with osteopath

As things had not gone as well as had been hoped for before he asked if he could do some acupuncture. That was prickly but not painful. . He also dis some heavy duty manipulating of my back. The result is I’m standing much straighter. He said that often happens after such a session , but in my case may not last…
He’s not scheduled another appointment, but wants a call to see how things are doing next week.


I like osteopathic doctors. I like the holistic approach. I’ve never had acupuncture though.

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What did you think of the acupuncture?

I felt a bit silly, like a porcupine the first time. :upside_down_face:

Was it a lot of needles?

The acupuncture was OK. I couldn’t see it being done as it was on my back. I think it was 10 needles.


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