The one thing you must do if you have schizophrenia

I have had schizophrenia for years, fought a million smiles cryed a million tears. But one thing I’ve learned years ago if you don’t stand on your two feet stigma will grow, they may try to belittle you or even push you around no lie to you and treat you like s*** to stand on your feet and you’ll never be beat my friends used to say if the backbone is there there’s a lot you can accomplish without an evil glare don’t be afraid try new things what the voices in the head will go away someday and down the road you will find you stood up for yourself and the whole mankind


Hell yes. Preach it brother!!!


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That’s true I’m afraid.

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The one thing you must do for schizophrenia is sleep


Your post reminded me I walk a lot it’s a good thing

Youn are right and I agree with you.

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