The old forum is down?

i get this message…

Unable to connect

Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server at

i didnt know what catagory to put this into so i put it into news, we desperatly need a general discussion section…

I’m getting the same message, it seems to happen from time to time. Hopefully these new servers are a bit more stable!

It seems that it is. The good news is this new software seems to be much more stable - so I think things will be much improved as soon as we transition fully over here.

Yes. It seems it’s down.

Will the old forum come back for a little bit, or is that the end?

I was wondering if the new forum address or any sort of a link is any where on the main page of so people can at least get to this site and create an account?

There are posts on the original forum for this forum but no one knew that they would need to transfer so quickly and since the old one is down they can’t get to the posts about this one. Hopefully it can be brought back up soon as the people who have not transferred yet must be wondering what is going on.

The old forum will come back up - its crashed and I have a guy working on it. The old forums won’t go away completely - I’ll put them in “Read Only” mode in 3 or 4 weeks after we’ve worked out all the bugs on this new forum and we move people over here.

Hey, I was typing an answer on this site about 5 minutes ago and it was acting up. I would type something and there would be a 5 second delay before my words showed and half the time a word I typed would not be complete. Letters were gone. And after every word there would be a delay of about 6 or 7 seconds before I could type again. It doesn’t sound like a big deal but it was taking a minute to write a simple thought down. It 's hard to keep your train of thought when there is a delay between every word.


Yeah, I was noticing the same thing. The delay seemed to get worse the farther I got into my message. I wonder if hiding the preview window might prevent the delay from happening. Regardless, I think it’s good that you brought this issue to SzAdmin’s attention, Nick.


The old forum is working again.Re the word delay- the other day i noticed a slight delay between typing letters and them appearing. Things seem to be ok now though.

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