Is this forum buggy for anyone else?

I can’t see the “” banner in the top left corner. Main site is down too. Finally, the back arrow and ALT+left-click doesn’t work either. I’m on the latest build of Chrome.

The mobile site looks OK. I’ll switch to desktop view to see. Stand by.

I can see the banner in the desktop view on my mobile phone.

Yeah, roger that, it’s fine on my iPhone too. Damn Chrome, damn Chromebook.

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It’s fine on firefox but the main site is down

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Our hosting company for our main Sz server is having problems and so the main site is down. I hope they get it up quickly. Right now only the forums are up because they are on different servers.

OK - all good again. The main site is back up.

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The logo loads from the main site, so if the main site goes down the logo doesn’t load even though the forums work. Speaking of the logo, it’s fugly. Something better is needed.

The main site rarely goes down - but let me check and see if I can host it on the forum server - that would make more sense.