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I’m a forum member here for 11 years and with the old forums it was a total mess, the administration, the restrictions, the connectivity, it was so run so bad I and many more contributors that had a open mind on especially alternative/future treatments left this forum out of frustration/anger towards the admins/forum policy that was run back then. Now however, tbvh, SZadmin your doing a very great job on running this new forums, you and your team turned things around I never would’ve expected! It feels great to be back on a forum that has improved their policy and made this forum worth to be carrying the site name, the number 1 place to turn when someone in the past or in the future will visit to get insight/knowledge about this shitty disease.



Hi, I was on the old forums too and I think I recognize your name. I don’t remember your story though. Yeah, these new forums run very smoothly, near the end of the old forums it was endlessly frustrating with how they worked. Anyway, welcome back; see you around.

Hi and welcome back. Yes - the new forum software is much better than the old software. We could not really do much in the way of moderation in the old one - and now we can. This is why the new forums are much better.

Anyway - welcome back and we hope you continue to participate.

Yeah, these forums are incredibly fluid and easy to navigate through. Very up-to-date with aesthetics and profile management too.

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