The Norse Gods Call Me

For a long time now I’ve believed that the Norse gods have been trying to make me convert to Norse paganism. After all, I hear them speaking to me and I see their influence everywhere I go, so it is, or rather was, obvious to me that they were there. I hated it, and I wanted to stay Catholic. It’s when I mentioned it to a friend that he talked me through getting over it for over an hour. Even now I’m still working on getting rid of it.

Does anyone else have similar delusions?


The more you believe these voices and delusions, the more real they become for you.
Do some soul searching and discover why you are attracted to these so called gods. Is it thirst for blood? For glory?

Maybe the warrior in you needs validation. But ask yourself, what is the purpose you want to fight for?

Also if you really wish to stay catholic, follow the doctrine: get baptized, pray, observe holidays, do good deeds, confess to a priest, get the holy sacrament etc.

Stay strong :sunny:


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