The nightmare

Now that I’m more calm I typed out that nightmare I had. This is what I wrote

"The main portion of the dream was spent with me running from this massive demon…I never turned to look at it so I didn’t actually know what it looked like…but I knew it had either huge talons for feet or huge claws because if I fell or gave up running out of exhaustion it would catch up to me and put its foot on my back and I could feel the talons pinning me down…and the first time this happened it told me in a calm but commanding voice that was more in my head than audible “I am Satan. Give yourself to me.” And I would refuse and then it would lift its foot from my back and I either keep running or the dream would change so I’d be somewhere else doing something like talking to people or doing difficult homework problems.

But even when I was doing something different I would always find myself eventually back in the same labyrinths being chased, and every time I was caught it would say again to give myself to it, whatever that meant, I assumed it had something to do with my soul. One time it caught me was different. I didn’t directly ask it this but I was wondering what it would do with me if I did go with it and it showed me Hell, and it’s the same Hell I usually see in my dreams, which is that ancient crumbling city. (Weird I know, no fire and brimstone, it’s like a stone city that’s falling apart and overtaken by forest, I don’t know if it was just supposed to be a city in hell or what)

The sky had a red glow like it was sunset this time. I was so scared I wasn’t really looking at anything. I think maybe there was a big plaza in front of me but I’m not sure. I was imagining that I would be tortured horribly. I was sure that was what would happen. Oddly I ended up getting a strange feeling that suggested something different and maybe even more terrible that I rejected and didn’t want to think about and didn’t understand. (An almost sexual energy? I’m not sure how to describe it and I don’t know what it meant or why even there would be that energy there given that I don’t really think something like the devil-if it was the devil-would be interested in the actual physical act of that. I don’t know it’s too confusing. I didn’t want to think about it at the time and I don’t want to now, it makes me feel sick to my stomach for some reason)

Anyways after that I was so horrified I woke up, only to my dread it was incredibly difficult to wake up. It felt like trying to claw my way up a cliff that was trying to suck me back down, like I was being pulled back into the dream. I had to fight really hard (I was even praying!) to wake up fully. I am now too afraid to fall back asleep. I have had bad experiences with the occult in the past and am worried this dream meant something ominous."

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Also I want to point out that before I had the nightmare it felt like I had suddenly been drained of all lifeforce. I had so little energy I could barely move. It was like I HAD to sleep, it was that same dragging feeling, like being dragged into your own mind. Terrible.

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@Anna You have only nightmares :smile: ? just asking and kidding

Lately I do!! I have no idea why!! It’s been going on for a solid month, maybe more now! I usually never have them with such frequency! AAAaaaaAaAah :weary::weary:


I’ve experienced the darkness of this whole experience too,
Lone behold my justifications are of uncaring.

I’ve also experienced that deep dream state suddenly, like being put under a spell or whatever the deal is.

Self acceptance is a good key, just grip all of it the good and bad no matter what, the whole mind and love and accept yourself and You and all of it .
maybe imagine something you can hold on to and just come to acceptance of it all and love yourself.
I know it’s hard to do because of the convictions and vile thinking, but I guess it’s something I learned to do that really helped me. try to keep positive

really wish you well coming to peace with your issue.

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ive used salt… this and the other are connected… I placed the salt shaker under my bed…that and adjusting your input from media formats atleast for about an hour before bed,maybe watch some funny things or peaceful things… I like animal videos but they must be peacefulish… if you dwell on it…it gets worse…so try to adjust the mode in which your mind is functioning… want relaxing instead of stress… and your rats are wonderful companions don’t forget them… good luck this will pass…

I did salt and oil and even holy water back when I was deeply psychotic. The holy water was the only one that had any effect and one day I came into my 2 year old sister pouring it out as if she was in a trance…even though I had hidden the bottle and tightly screwed on the cap so she shouldn’t have been able to find or open it…a lot of trickery going on there…

I’ve experienced very troubling things which is why dreams like these give me anxiety. Anyways I’ll do my best to stay calm. I’ve been telling myself that it is only a nightmare but that anxious feeling in my gut won’t go away.

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that is one scary dream fk, anything with death or satan in it and I get so scared, this literally makes me want to not even attempt sleeping tonight it is almost 3 am

i have been typing this part of message for over 50 minutes i typed a bunch of stuff like long paragraphs and i was constantly searching stuff up but i am a bit crazy atm and i feel like i don’t completely know what I’m talking about so i don’t know i was talking about Geodon and the receptors and ■■■■ and how its made me feel bad but than i saw ur response to my other post and i learned some stuff about the receptors that i didn’t know exactly about from u

Maybe you should take a course in Neuropsychopharm at your local community college if they offer it! I feel like you would like it.

Summary for those w reading troubles:

Had bad nightmare of demon chasing me, scared it was an actual demon & not just a dream