What's the deal with "Trigger Warnings"?

I don’t understand why people need warnings when they come across subjects they don’t like (e.g. self harm or talking about rape). You’re going to see things you don’t like on the internet and in real life too all of the time. It would make sense if you actually condition yourself to get over your dumb triggers you get over the internet instead of avoiding it all. Avoidance is the worst tactic. I’ve asked a couple of therapists and they basically said the same thing. You can’t go around saying “oh don’t post this or I’m gonna have a panic attack”. I guess you still need ask for your mommy and daddy’s permission before you go on the internet so you can be “safe”. It’s the same thing with “safe spaces”. Why shield yourself from the rest of the world cause you might come across things you don’t like?


Yes, a lot of us do that.

It’s not our fault things trigger us, we can develop ways to make it less harmful but it’s still triggered.

It’s not dumb, it’s the illness,
Count yourself lucky you’re not so sensitive to it.


I broadly agree with what you said.

I understand people battle different battles than I do, and I am well aware of the unpleasant things that make me think of things I don’t want to think about
I couldn’t imagine if it was 10x worse than what bothers me, after it already coming down to rape/murder/self harm/suicide/whatever. trigger warnings are necessary…
I believe some people kind of over use it, but I know that there’s people who truly get triggered by seeing or hearing something that upsets them. brings up the past.


There’s a difference between a “trigger” and “stuff people don’t like”. That you conflate the two indicates that you perhaps don’t understand triggers. Which isn’t surprising, because I think a lot of people don’t understand and tend to use the word to indicate anything upsetting.

It should really be thought of in the context of post traumatic stress disorder.

I strongly don’t care for suicide talk, though I’m not triggered by it. Someone who is triggered by it might, when reading about it, start thinking about how they should kill themselves. They might hear voices describing to them how they might do it and why it’s a good idea.

Someone with a rape trigger might be thrown back into the memory of an assault and may become terrified of strangers, of being touched, of being in a room with another person, even though they had been functional before the trigger.

People who are triggered lose some basic abilities to function upon being triggered. Trigger warnings allow them to participate in places like this without jeopardizing their recovery and their health.

I agree with @Minnii - if you don’t understand or experience triggers, count yourself lucky, and show compassion for those who aren’t as fortunate.


Im triggered by conspiracy theories and cia junk.

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Fear of you name it- not just because we don’t like it.

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Im just getting back from a 6. mc, ban for this BS.

I can’t watch any horror movies - even horror clips of movies - Those are major triggers for me which usually cause more hallucinations, delusions and voices. So it isn’t because I don’t like the movie - I used to love horror movies and watched them all the time, maybe part of my problem now. But I can’t watch even a horror movie preview now without major stress and problems.


I can’t watch horror movies either it’s too gory and scary, I also get scared by the news and when o get scared about something I want to talk about it bc I find it helps, idk if that is a good or a bad thing though.


I’m triggered by certain people, odd or aggressive behaviour and religious content.

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@MaxB What is your diagnosis?

I don’t like aggressive people either, there is no need for it Imo, odd is OK unless it is creepy, I talk about some religious stuff sometimes though bc I am Christian.

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It’s not like I’ve never experienced having triggers before. With my own willpower I was able to overcome them. My paranoia would skyrocket if I had to be in a room with a camera pointed at me so I would stand somewhere where there were cameras and just force myself to stand there. I would have panic attacks at first but then through time I got used to it. I also had a trigger where I didn’t like people repeating my name over and over again without getting flashbacks to my psychotic episodes. I’ve asked people to stand near me and keep repeating my name until I was able to compose myself mentally where I would realize that saying my name isn’t a bad thing. Also from some of my tactile hallucinations I would feel fingers rub against me. Then I would ask people I knew just to rub their fingers over my arms and pat me on the back in a friendly way. I would cry at first but with the conditioning I was able to overcome it. Those are just a few examples of triggers I’ve had.

If anything wouldn’t trying to get over things that trigger you on the internet be the first step in recovery? Then after you could start working on overcoming your triggers that you get in real life?Challenging yourself would be the best tactic to overcome your triggers. Like I’ve said before that avoiding your triggers would just make it worse off for you.

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My current diagnosis is major depressive disorder with schizophrenia.

Oh okay.



You are talking about a type of behavioral therapy - and that kind can work for some but not everyone. Some docs will actually push you to try it, but most often it does not work for sz, at least it didn’t for me.

I understand about the camera issue though. That is a biggy for me. My last doc office installed them everywhere and I had to just go to sleep to avoid them. It’s the first thing I look for when I go anywhere - cameras. I have to know where they are so I can avoid them.

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I can handle some odd behaviour, it depends on the context like If I know or trust the person enough. Today I met up with a lady who works as a clown doing magic tricks for a living, she seemed harmless enough but she kept chatting with my mom about her problems and made some religious references. It made me feel a bit uneasy. I was just trying to sell her an old rabbit cage, lol.

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That is awesome that you were able to overcome some of your triggers. That method doesn’t work for everyone, though, and in some cases it can result in very damaging to deadly consequences for both sufferers and the people around them.

A panic attack is not the only reaction someone might have to a trigger, and on the spectrum it is a rather minor one.

Yeah I’ll skip the horror movies and stick to my diet Pepsi.

Horror movies don’t trigger me there just gross and unecessarily shock value stressfull. There’s better ways to get a thrill.