The MMPI-2 online!

Anyone who has received a great deal of treatment will undoubtedly recognize this as the “500 question test.” The Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory, Revision 2. This is a well-guarded psychological test. It comes as no surprise that this site is out of Russia. Here is the link, should any of you want to check it out. Hypochondriacs should not take this test.

Never again…

Lol I took this a year ago for my evaluation, I never wanna sit there clicking true and false for that long again!

I can’t blame either you or Malvok. This test took me a couple days to get through as a teen. Worse, I had to take it twice.

OK. What does psychopathic deviate mean? :worried:

It means how much an individual deviates from the norm into the realm of psychopathology. Also known as Antisocial Personality Disorder.

The first time I took this test I was in the Navy. Afterward the pdoc told me that they think I should stay there if it was all right with me… That was the start of about a month long stay in the psych ward, as I waited for my discharge. The pdoc did say he thought I should get out… I did get a honorable discharge. That means I didn’t get caught doing anything I was not suppose too.

Peace be with you Ridgerunner

My T scores over 60: depression 89 paranoia 86 psychathenia 85 Psychopathic deviate 69 schizophrenia 82 social introversion 85 subjective depression 93 psychomotor retardation 65 physical malfunction 83 mental dullness 101 brooding 85 lassitude-malaise 70 social alienation 78 and 80 self alienation 82 persecutory ideas 106 emotional alienation 78 lack of ego mastery,cognitive 84 Lack of Ego Mastery, Conative 87 Lack of Ego Mastery, Defective Inhibition 61 Bizarre Sensory Experiences 70 Ego Inflation 63 Shyness/Self-Consciousness 74 Social Avoidance 71 Self/Other Alienation 71 Anxiety 85 Fears 67 Obsessiveness 73 Depression 78 Health concerns 62 Bizarre mentation 67 Low self esteem 91 Social discomfort 81 Work interference 78 Negative treatment indicators 84 Anxiety 77 Repression 76 College Maladjustment 77 Depression, Obvious 97 Hysteria, Obvious 64 Paranoia, Obvious 89 Demoralization 79 Somatic Complaints 60 Low Positive Emotions 94 Ideas of Persecution 76 Dysfunctional Negative Emotions 70 Psychoticism 62 Negative Emotionality / Neuroticism 76 Introversion / Low Positive Emotionality 88 Generalized Fearfulness 62 Multiple Fears 67 Lack of Drive 84 Dysphoria 74 Self-Depreciation 83 Suicidal Ideation 62 Neurological Symtoms 60 General Health Concerns 64 Psychotic Symptomatology 64 Schizotypal Characteristics 67 Self-Doubt 90 Submissiveness 76 Introversion 73 Shyness 74 Low Motivation 95 Inability to Disclose 60

I guess it flags up anxiety/depression/introversion/paranoia/ some psychotic traits/ lack of drive and motivation amongst other things and that i’m not an easy person to treat…

Now I understand what firemonkey did with T scores. :tada:

Psycopathic Deviate: T Score- 80

Paranoia- T Score -72



Brooding- 80

Persecutary Ideas- 90

Obsessiveness- 84

Psycopathic deviate again: 82

Paranoia- 89

Psychotism- 84


Do these results sound bad to you guys? :taxi:

How do you sort through alll that + interpret it?

Did you do something to get those single numbers? Baked beans has sets of three.

I just posted the T scores . gives an interpretation of T scores.

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I finally took this myself, and scored high T scores on bizarre mentation, psychopathic deviate, paranoia, persecutory beliefs, schizophrenia, and familial discord. Interesting…a psychopathic schizophrenic…LOL.

“Persons who are antisocial and psychopathic can also have a major mental illness such as schizophrenia. If they manifest extreme aggression and difficult to manage behaviors, they may require intensive treatment in a maximum security hospital”

This may apply to me. I don’t stay in hospitals willingly, and my pdoc has me on Haldol to control agitation. I’m also prescribed Depakote which I don’t take due to side effects.