The Martian! Great Movie! (Please don't feel triggered)

OK This is, top top SciFi

(Obviously its a sz forum , so its not intended to make people delusional. Just a damn good movie)


Speaking of triggers… have you watched sense8?

No , just looked at the synopsis , sounds really triggering alright. Wouldn’t be up my street , though.

It actually helped with my delusions of telepathy.

Cool , SciFi has that ability all right , once you can manage and enjoy it , you grow in confidence

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Do you like sci fi in general?

I do. A lot.

Cool, its a good one check it out , Matt Damon is top in this aswell.

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I like SciFi, it’s best, I also like Mythical stories but Anhedonia took it’s toll and

I’m unable to have pleasure in anything in life.

Have you ever read the colors of space by marion zimmer bradley? Its really cool if youre into reading

Right , why not , I’ll give it ago

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I’m looking forward to seeing it! The reviews have been very good too.

Here are the trailers:


Cheers , best movie in a while…

I really enjoyed The Martian. I really like movies and music about space (the martian, 2001, Alien, Star Wars, Sun Ra, Interstellar, etc). Matt Damon was terrific in it though

Just saw it. Much better than expected.