Forgot a password

Anyone have tricks for how they remember things, other than leaving notes since that’s not an option now? I forgot my computer’s password and can’t get in, really embarrassing lol. I might have to get a flashdrive to try and crack/reset it that way. Ugh.

My wife writes all hers down in a notebook. Maybe you can try that.

I don’t want to say how I keep up with mine for fear of being hacked. I have already had my identity stolen twice. The last time they even got my cell phone number ported to another carrier. It was hard getting it back.

Be careful with passwords and such

All my password are just the same and I keep a copy on my phone.

I’m an idiot and use my old noggin. Nah, most of my passwords are stored on my browser. I retrieve them from there when I forget them. My computer password is a simple 4 digit number I remember as a word. It helps me remember it to remember the word instead of the numbers.

write them down and don’t make them the same they can email a forgotten password. then maybe change it.

no i will not tell you my tricks
it is my privacy
try to find your own tricks

I have about 4 different passwords, depending on what kind of account they’re used for.

One for email accounts, once for financial stuff, one for logging into the computer and one for misc. stuff such as forum accounts.

To choose a password, I pick the subject of a forum thread at random (I’m on other forums not just this one.) Then I obfuscate it a little by adding numbers and punctuation and capital letters.

If you use a passphrase like this, they’re easier to remember but still difficult for a hacker to crack.

Edit: oh yeh, and I create new passwords regularly, usually every year.

I have a GMail account that is strictly for storing passwords, serial numbers, warranty info, etc. The account has a very hard to guess password and is only used to receive messages, never has been used to send. I send copies of my passwords there with a hint about what it belongs to that lets me figure it out, but would be useless to someone else.

It’s kinda weird, certain passwords I have are stored in muscle memory, and I don’t’ even know exactly what they are off the top of my head. I stop using the computer for a few days, and all of a sudden the password I use for that pc is completely deleted from my brain. Weird.

I guess I’ll have to get a flashdrive to enable the password wizard reset.

I don’t trust online sites enough to leave my sensitive info on a third party site like gmail, but that sounds like a neat system. Maybe some kind of mnemonic device could be used for my new password. Usually I have a few key phrases and stuff that I use to create passwords from along with certain numbers, but I just draw a blank here now. Weird.

Just an update, remembered the password about a day after I blocked it out of my mind. Weird how that happens.

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