The Importance of Early Treatment for Schizophrenia and Psychosis

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Research over the decade has confirmed repeatedly that the earlier that people get treatment for the early signs of mental illness (especially schizophrenia) the better the long term outcome for the person. We have our own “Schizophrenia screening test” here on the site to help people with this directly. Important questions remain. How do we…


5 years ago i was diagnosed with paranoid. Schizoprenia and bipolar asa result of some one doing witchcraft. On methe funny thing in all of this is no one can see the hallantion but me whats really going to freak u out is that i have a smart phone with a vedio sensor dective in it and you can auctually see the footage that im looking at my advice. to anyone that is suffering from hallucination. to record it u may bw suprised at what u see because im very baffled because what i wasseeing on my own the phone auctually. picks it up makes me reallt think what this world reall consist of

Important points in this article
1-Focus attention on the fact that the emission of voices
is the actual beginning of schizophrenia

2-The primacy of voices occurrence on all types of symptoms

3-Does not mention an occurrence of any chemical imbalance
in the brain as an early stater of the sz

4-Turbulence in social relations with family members or friends
does not lead to the occurrence of sz
-Negligence in the study or in the work …etc are come as a result
of schizophrenia effectiveness

5- Indicate that,listen to those voices for long period { without
medical intervention },will lead to a constellation of psychological,
cognitive,cultural problems which lead to an adoption of perverted
behaviors during the daily life events

6-The psychological experience ,environmental conditions,social factors
learning level,personal behaviors have not a role in causation of sz !

&-There is no schizophrenia without voices,because the hearing
of voices is the main symptom of the case that so-called SZ


Why does listening to voices for a long time lead to perversion?

“perversion” just means different than normal or usual:

You ask the question:
why does listening to the voices for a long time lead to perversions ?

=You use the word “perversion” to express what is caused by listening process
-In fact,listen to the voices ,and impression with its content and respond to the voice
cause all manifestations of the symptoms which is called overall by psychiatrists
by word "schizophrenia "
-the listening to the voices,impression and respond causing the mad behavior
for the listener whatever in short time or long !
-In sense that,listening to the voices cause the schizophrenia and their symptoms

the cause of sz have the ability to produce the voice and create the thought,and
he appears himself through imaginary moved picture in the imagination area
of the person,and have the pure ability to create the different feelings,ALL these
characteristics play the main role to create the sz case and their symptoms

Now what about your question:
why does listening to voices led to perversion ?
Answer it deserves a Nobel Prize !
Because, you should answer about 2 main questions;
1-what happens to the path of all mental processes,neuro chemical,
emotional,sensory,behavioral and kinetic that were operating in the
mind-brain before the moment of issuance of voice

2-what is the new mental processes,neuro chemical,emotional that occur
during the period time of listening to the voice,and during the time of impact
and the time of respond

Your answer should include a massive crowd of confirmed information about
the details of the 2 questions !
for example,regard to the first question,during the occurrence of voice:
stop the movement of all mental processes,emotional and behavioral immediately,
distracting the attention,derail to track of mental processes,cut the internal
communication between the mind and content of the mental process that was
occurring in the brain { emptying the mind from its cognitive content }

{more details}
the voice is happen suddenly while the person in a state from the following states:
-the voice occurs while he stands ,walks or runs
-while he sees tv or listens to radio,or reads book or drink something
-while he in the school or work or house or street
-while he talks with himself,imagine something in his mind
or think in something in his mind,remember some events
-while he talks with his friend or father …etc
-to sum,in any possible state from the daily life states
all personal or mental behavior will stop immediately as a result of hearing the voice !!

the point

  • manifestation of the behavioral deviation has been coming as a merely result of voice emission
    -the person do nothing to stop the path of thoughts in the mind that help him to deal with the daily life states,because they are stop
    suddenly {spontaneous " by action of voice emission ,which make the person lose
    his communication with the daily life events,and that appears himself to the eyes of
    people or doctors as out of sorts or diagonally person or deviate …etc

all these symptoms has occur for any schizophrenic person during the time
of voice emission which make up a disorder in the language speech,expression,
social relations

-but what about the manifestations of deviation which was occurring during-after the time of hearing the voices symptoms?

Mania, plain and simple mania… and loss of natural cognitive abilities leading to delusions. This is definitely considered a perversion for the main fact that the illness plagues the mind and offsets differentiation of what is real and what is not. Special messages, hidden codes, or obsession over theories of the illness’ origin also demand that the grounding happen immediately for preservation of a patient’s mental state. A perverted mind state due to any form of hallucination doesn’t mean you’re a pervert. It’s a clear scientific term to have these thought processes termed, (perverted).

That’s a case of natural mania. Now just try to think if the mania was psychotically based? That is some tough luck yet we’re all making it!

What do you mean when you refer to “manifestations of deviation” ?

Are you speaking about when we listen to a voice that is lying to us. And in that event we are literally lending our ear to a liar?

Because that makes sense. It is our own action of that “lending of our ear” or “listening” which causes that mental pathway to begin to alter the physical chemistry or terrain of our mind.

So we have in effect denied truth, lent our ear to lies, and thereby have invited a lying enemy to begin to mold the fabric of our mentality.

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