The hell of the supermarket

Zyprexa took away my fear of the grocery store too. I lost my paranoia and delusions so there was no longer a need to feel scared.


Oh cool, it’s good to hear that from someone else who is on the same medicine. The original goal was to take away the voices and it didn’t really do that, just reduced them, but it fixed a lot of problems I wasn’t able to put words to. I used to complain on the forum about that “where am I” or “I feel lost” feeling before I got put on Zyprexa.

If one of my kids come along it’s not horrible but alone is awful. People get in my head. Mostly I order online and pick up.

In my worst psychosis I hallucinated people taking pictures of me like they were paparazzi and that everyone texting on their cellphones was monitoring me. Was awefull

all this is too sad, i am too sad over it
two days ago i realized that i am 36 year old and have noting, absolutely noting except some art talent that kinda give me some reasone to continue living in this nightmare
and also i have so much trouble to make something in the art world because of the monstrosity of what out side the door,
i am loosing hope, step by step

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