Schizophrenic grocery shopping

A man behind me said strongly “get out!”

As i left the store he shouted loudly “get out of here faggot!”

The endless beating continues i guess.

It’s like the whole world hates me or something.

Sometimes i’ll be in the store and a voice will be talking it’s usual stuff and a guy will hear it and shout “we’ll put you in the home!” It isn’t me thinking though so it’s forced on me, this isn’t even the stuff i like to think about, it’s just not me anymore.

I can’t believe i get yelled at for thoughts that i don’t even want to have. I don’t want to do this, i just want a bottle of the old jager meister and a ping pong table and of course do my part at my job.

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Yeah, the whole world hates me too.

It seems to dislike me as well. I need to up the antidepressant and down the haldol, I am defunct bereft of energy and function.

I dont like being this doped up, i would rather just be insane, at least I make ■■■■ work when I am insane

I’ll get the voices of people at the grocery store talking in my head like they’re telepaths. I also get people who stalk me and talk about my online activity out loud. If I talk to them inside my head they will respond out loud and have conversations with me that way.

But, I’m not depressed. I’m very happy and content. I don’t care if the whole world hates me. I will just ignore everybody. I am positive that God just adores me and that is all that matters.


I used to feel like everyone hated me too. I felt very resented. I have stayed to myself for the last year and a half and it has lessened considerably. Also, I go to Community College with people young enough to be my kids and they don’t bother me so much. There are a few people running around over 35, and they seem OK, but most of them are 18 to 25.

People seem to treat me like crap lately.
I went to the supermarket the other day and the cashiers and manager were fearful of me and displayed some angry feelings towards me.

It really felt this way.
I needed to buy a couple of items that I had a hard time finding.

Your voices are very similar to mine.

I get a lot of hardcore hate no matter what I do.

I try shutting up or talking back but no matter what…they still hate me.

Try being the last shopper in those big box warehouse shops when security is tired of hanging around waiting for you to get the hint they turned all the lights off…
“Get outta here!” He boomed as he pulled the shutters down.

I used to be that way. Every where I went man, everybody just hated my guts! It’s wearing on a person. And it’s hard to ignore. Especially when it’s EVERYBODY! I feel for you, I really do. That’s some really intense paranoia.

@Wave, are you male or female? I imagine you as male for some reason. I don’t know why.

I’m male @loveaguilarg
Yep you are right :slight_smile: