The Foundational Principles of Recovery

I had the receptionist at my pdoc’s clinic photocopy this for me to share with you … it hangs in the waiting room and I’d like you to read it.

Having a vision that includes hopes and dreams! Setting goals, while refraining from negative predictions. Fearing ‘false despair’, not ‘false hope.’

Relying on oneself, with help from others, while working to control one’s life and one’s symptoms. Making choices which reflect one’s life priorities.

Recognising that recovery is not a journey that anyone walks alone. Drawing on support from friends, family, and healthcare professionals.

Learning all there is to know about one’s health, wellness, symptoms and treatment, in order to be equipped to make good decisions. Being open to and seeking out new information.

“Go for it” with courage, persistence and determination. Expressing oneself clearly and calmly in order to get one’s needs met.

Finding meaning and purpose in one’s life. Gaining a sense of identity, based on one’s own values and beliefs, which may include one’s relationship with the devine or a power greater than oneself.

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seems like good advice,
thank you for posting

Very well stated. I wish I had a printer. I think I’ll bother to write it all down.

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