Work and finding a sense of purpose

What I’ve learned n 40 years of dealing with sz.:

  1. My diagnosis is not who I am. It’s not my identity.
  2. Learn the recovery pathways.
    A. Hope
    B. Choice
    C. Empowerment
    D Recovery Environment
    E. Purpose
  3. The psychiatrist works for me. Sure they have a lot of education but I’m paying their salary. I have lived experience. I’ve lived sz. I know what works for me. I’ll take your advice with a grain of salt.
  4. Avoid support system is powerful. And necessary.
  5. Diet, exercise and sleep ate important to my health.
  6. If u take medication take it every day
  7. Find the right medicationThis may b a challenge but necessary n most cases.
  8. Learn what resilience and perseverance is and apply it to your life.
  9. Find good work. Work and love help dealing with life’s challenges.

Go get um and ma y all your goals b accomplished


I think you cover all the bases and I can’t argue with your approach.

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Never give up. Theres light at end of tunnel. Dont mental illness define you, or stop you from your goals in life.

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@simpjeff1 You’ve come a very long way to say all that. I am not sure if #4 is a typo error. I’m sorry I don’t really know you. Is that your wife next to you in your picture?
I will consider your message in my own life.

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Ya, that:s my wife.

If all I can do is work on myself, than that’s what I do (as when asked “what do you do?”), and that’s meaningful enough for me at the moment.

I would add: compare yourself to your former self, and not others.

I found a liferoutine. The sz put a lot of invisible tattoos on my skin i can’t wash off. Its just about passing time doing interesting things. Trying to make a living being cute.:jack_o_lantern:

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