The fog is getting to me

Not the mental fog, the real fog. It has been thick for the last four days. The head circus loves to play in the fog. Not being able to see much gives the brain a chance to really make stuff up.

Hallucinations have been acting up and not being able to see people coming has really been doing my head in. I wish the weather didn’t effect me so much. A few hours of morning fog is a bit nice. But day four is really getting to me.

I’m tempted to ask my sis to handcuff me to the belt loops of her skirt so I don’t get lost.

The weather has a big effect on me too. For me it’s when it rains day after day. Hope it clears up for you.

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here we are expecting really cold temperatures this week. Another polar vortex i guess. :frowning: hope the fog lifts soon. i know i’m getting of winter. :slight_smile:

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Cold weather doesn’t agree with me. It’s like I’m allergic. Memphis gets hot as hell in the summers but also surprisingly cold in the winters…I can’t stand going outside to smoke a cig and coming back with numb hands!

It makes me sad too, feeling like the world wants me to freeze…anthropomorphizing the weather again…It’s like the Jotuns from Norse mythology…

I used to have worse symptoms in the cold…but now my meds have made that stop. Again, I am allergic to the cold…I like it when you can fry eggs with the noon sun (you can actually do that here in July)

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I like the rain. I like the cold sun and mild summers. I like the wind, it makes the ocean move.

This thick fog makes me think nothing is real. All ghost and hallucinations.

The other morning my sis almost took out a bicyclist. The cyclist was in the middle of the road, in black, in the dark morning fog, no helmet, no reflector tape, no lights, and she had to drive up on to the sidewalk in order not to hit him.

When we finally came to a stop, I was going to be freaked out, but she made laugh when after that quiet pause of… “Wheewww”
She squeaked out… “I think I just peed” People loose their brains in the fog.

Fog is actually dangerous…there was this football star kid who died in a car crash in a night of heavy fog when I was younger. He was a graduate of my grade school and they made a big deal about it. Toxicology said he was sober too.

That is sad. I’m sorry for his family. Fog can just mess everything up. I’ve been hearing fire sirens a lot this morning.

So fog really does make you hallucinate more? That’s interesting. My psychiatrist warned me about symptoms flaring up at night, in the dark. He was pretty serious about it and in fact the only flare-ups of symptoms have happened in the dark.

But usually I stay home and see my friends at night, so I keep distracted. That or I watch anime. Or my friends come over and we watch anime together (my friends like it too). Being distracted helps me a whole lot. Of course I also have to take my meds on time or ■■■■ gets ugly very quickly.

I don’t know if it’s like that for everyone and this is day 4 of this thick fog. There is so much I CAN’T see. I can barely see across the street today. So with chunks of visual missing and nothing looking right my head circus has really been getting ready for show time.

Colour swirls, light pulsating around the edges, more ghost and a very non-real feeling. I’ve also been seeing images of stuff that I can not tell if it’s real stuff muted by fog or hallucination. My brain has just been throwing shapes out there. I could have sworn I was seeing a car without lights coming at me. So I waited at the corner for 10 minutes before I decided either this car is going to “bumb” me at one mph or it’s not real.

certain weather plays with my head, especially rain, but i spend a lot of time outside so i do not think it is a sz thing for me.
hope the sun and clear skies come out soon for you and your sis,
take care