The vicious circle got me agian

I don’t know if the head circus got me because I’m exhausted… or if I’m exhausted because of the head circus…

I just pisses me off when I watch my health… I take the meds… and the head circus comes to town anyway.

Last night was a rough one. The voices came back loud and clear… the visual and tactile came back strong as ever… The sneaky brained thinking was hitting me again… flipped out on my sis again… apparently called my parents at 1:00 a.m. (don’t remember doing that)

I can’t tell if I slept and had a dream to vivid… or if I was awake all night.

Went outside and the cool air is helping… the morning meds are slow to kick in… but it’s happening…

It’s been a while since I’ve had a full blown head circus visit complete with elephants and darkness…

It even makes my muscles and hair hurt. Not driving today… grabbing the bus pass… leaving the car keys…

short day lucky for me…

The morning head fog comes and goes… on minute I feel like I’m leveling out… I’ll be Ok.

The next minute… I’m feeling like I have no idea where I am and what I’m doing… and it’s taking me longer to think in a strait line…

Then it will let go… and my brain will catch up again… and I can think again.

I’m trying to figure out which came first… the exhaustion or the head circus.

If this keeps up… It will be time to see the doc.

Thanks for letting me write this one out.

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Oh man, I’m sorry.

With the season changing a lot of us are getting a bit affected.

Hope your day gets better,

best of luck J


Did you change anything? Like med dosage or time of day you take them. Or does this just happen out of the blue? If it’s regular, then yeah, definitely time to see the doc.


I can only tell you what you’ve told me in the past…take it easy, avoid stress and get as much rest as possible. Hope you’ll be your old self soon. Take care of yourself

Sorry that your symptoms are acting up. I hope it clears up.

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sorry @SurprisedJ it’s gonna get better, believe it.
hopefully you’re feeling ok now :yellow_heart:

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Hope you feel better soon man. Just rest and take it easy when you can

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maybe you should take it easy just now, just for a little while until things calm down,

sorry your feeling this way, get well soon.

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i would say tiredness…that starts things off with me.
bug :bug: hug…
i hope you are feeling better soon :heart:
take care :alien:


Maybe your body is just saying ■■■■ you? My biology does this. I think I’m going ok and then I fall over like a dead cow. :confused:


I’ve been finding today that cold air has helped a lot… Something about being in any indoor hot environment makes me feel worse.

Cold air seems to help calm me down. I have all the windows open… I hope that helps me sleep tonight.

If it wasn’t going to rain tonight I’d think about trying to sleep outside.


You seem to be having a hard time lately.

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Dude j that sucks man… Im just now seeing this.

I thought your less consistent presence was a reflection of you doing well and moving on. Hate to hear your running into trouble.

Some of the stuff you mentioned would be horribly upsetting if they to me. Like calling the rents and not knowing it later.

Tale care of yourself. Keep us updated on how you are doing.

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I’m trying to let things go.

It’s been a busy October… I’m not used to it.

Heat and being in stuffy places just makes it worse. It’s like I’m getting more claustrophobic.

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hey j. just try and take it easy and relax as much as you can, this time will pass and you’ll soon feel better than you are feeling right now xxx

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Hope you feel better soon, SurprisedJ. I am so sorry to hear that you had a rough time again. If the symptoms continue, you may need an increase of dose. Take a good care of yourself and see your Pdoc.

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@SurprisedJ get well soon. keep the windows open if it helps.