Fog + Change = a stupid hard night

The fog is back and it’s thick again and I got disoriented in the fog last night and ended up lost three blocks away from my place. I felt like such a dummy. Does anyone else get lost when they leave the house?

I had to go into a coffee shop that I found and beg to use the phone so my sis could come get me.

We switched rooms yesterday. I got up at 1:00 a.m. to use the restroom and out of habit walked into my old room (her new room) and just climbed into bed and then freaked out that she was in the bed and kicked her out. So she goes to her old room in my bed and then I remembered… (oh dang… we switched rooms) so I went to my bed, woke her up and said “Ok, go back to your bed and I’ll be in mine” So she left again.

I was getting agitated by the fog and looking out for peepers… and anyone who happened to be walking their dog or just taking the cut to the pier I was thinking… “is it them?” So I was getting paranoid staring into the fog. Just wide eyed gazing into the fog I was seeing things.

Being in that room with all the windows was getting to me so I had to switch rooms again. She didn’t like being woken up and kicked out of bed again so she got her sleeping bag and said she would get out of the pj’s and get dressed and go sleep in the car. That did it… As soon as I said it… “NO! you can not sleep in the car. NO! You know who hides in the fog… kidnappers” OH bugger,… my brain is going right back there. It all started to unravel. So after she talked me down from that ledge we both slept in the living room.

This is stupid night and a silly idea and we’re both exhausted. We have to switch rooms back for real today.
I am not happy to see the fog come back. I’m taking the bus today because I already know I’m in no shape to drive. Hallucinations acting up but voices oddly calm.

I might need to up the Xanax until the fog patch clears. Fog never used to get to me like this… But then it’s never stuck around for five days either.

I think increasing your meds temporarily is a good idea. Of course, talk to your doc first. Many psychiatrists will prescribe “crisis doses” for times like these. Clearly, it’s distressing and you’re losing sleep. So something needs to be done ASAP.

Hoping you feel better very soon!

Many blessings,


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I’m horrible outside of the home. I get lost in malls, parking lots… Don’t be hard on yourself from the sounds of this fog it’s not surprising.

I’m sorry your symptoms are acting up. I hope it settles down quickly.


I’ve been working so hard on decreasing the dose. But yeah… I think it might be time to up the meds for a tiny bit. Keep that window of calm functioning open as long as possible and then go back to reduction when the weather shifts.

My sis has major patience for my glitches but I think getting kicked out of bed every hour was starting to get to her too.

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You know what really makes me feel stupid? When I forget where I parked. I hate that too. I have use the alarm button on my key ring to set the car off so I can find it. Or I get more frustrated when I’m telling myself… (just down this street maybe.)

I have just gone home if I can’t find a BIG landmark to park next to because I hate loosing the car.

I do remember one time, I gave up looking for the car, took the bus home and asked my sis to find the car.

I get to know Seattle is somewhere you get lost easily. :wink:

No I haven’t get lose when I walk out. But I did experience walking into another apartment in another building when I tried to get home. And I did not find out until I was inside.

Get more sleep. It must be difficult to put your brain into use when you are sleepy.

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I’ve done that too at my old complex. Everything looked the same and I got all turned around. I hate it when that happens too.

Basically I hate getting lost here. If I’m in a different city and I’m lost I have a lot more patience with myself. But I grew up here. This is my hometown. So when I get lost here, I get really upset with myself. But there is so much development here many of the main streets are being redirected.

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I don’t drive. Have my license but don’t like driving. Something I need to work on. Total granny driver :point_left:

The odd time that I do drive by myself I deal with anxiety over remembering where I parked or even where I’m going to park since I can’t parallel park.

Once I was getting picked up from the transit station and got into the wrong car. I’m guessing the look on both of our faces was quit priceless… The guy was driving the exact same type and color of car as the person picking me up.

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I am so sorry that happened to you, I am getting a smile out of picturing it. But I’ve done that too. The lady driving was really calm. I was freaked.

A funny one was my sis and I stupidly did NOT car pool to some family dinner and I could not find my car in the dark. But I found hers. It’s an old weird station wagon painted purple at the time with big flowers all over it. Easy to spot. So I curled up in the back seat and ended up falling asleep. The sis drove away not knowing I was in the car. You should have heard her scream when I sat up and tapped her on the shoulder.


Bad nights can really mess things up…if I wake up in the middle of the night, I usually can’t go back to sleep. Good idea about a little higher dose of xanax- just call your doc and make sure it’s ok. I’m glad to hear that you’re still going out of the house and taking the bus. Good work, making it through a rough week!

In a couple months it will be nice and springy and you wont see as much fog (I assume its a winter thing) and I wont get numb hands whenever I go outside for a smoke. And I can wear just a t shirt and be vain!

Warm weather dramatically changes my mood, and so does freezing cold weather. I feel alive and well when it’s warm, I feel sorta dead when it’s freezing outside. Just all of the dead trees and cold winds make me feel like the frost giants are having their way with me. But I get to be a viking when its cold, thats a euphemistic way to look at it. LOL

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it is okay to have a bad night, but the fog , changing rooms , the peeper these are actually big things that are happening to you at the moment.
for me if too many things happen at once i find it hard to cope, i am not big on change, hence i wear the same clothes all the time.( same looking clothes, colour and so on ).
don’t be to hard on your self i think you have been doing an amazing job , good on you
take care.
maybe put a sign on your door and your sisters door. could help !

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Thank you for that.
The fog has been swirling and my sis thought she saw a peeper in the mist.

But we have no concrete proof. So we changed rooms just in case. But after last nights utter silliness, we changed it back again.
My room is my room again her room is her room again and there are heavier curtains over the windows.