The first post is the hardest, amirite?

lmao…I feel seen here…for better or worse! Also, Hi!

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ok, ty!

I was diagnosed in 1984 and had a few rough decades, then went off my meds for awhile, and am trying to figure out how to get care again before the positive symptoms go from annoying to capital B Bad.

I can’t even word the question right… :sighs:


Do you have a pdoc (psychiatrist) or med prescriber right now?


I do not. I also live in a really rural area in the US.

Also, I’m really terrified of cold-calling a bunch of places. Even though I’ve been dealing with this for years, I’ve always had other people bring me in for treatment with, uh, varying levels of cooperation on my part.

Even with a pdoc I have no idea how to present myself in a way that doesn’t get me binned or brushed off.

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If I go off my meds I go bananas hope you get the treatment you need


Welcome sir gl with treatment

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I’m not a ‘sir’ but thank you.


Ty! I think I will. Ngl, there’s a lot here and it’s a bit overwhelming.

That show was one of my faves from looong ago… I heard they took it off the air last year. :cry:


Welcome @ixchel

Glad you found us. It really is a great group of people and the forum is extremely well moderated.

If you are afraid of cold calling pdocs do you have a support or social worker or a case manager who could help you?



No, I wish I did! If I did I would absolutely task them with helping me.

Some good news: telemedicine is now legal where I’m at, so travel won’t be a problem, I hope. I think the locals are finally gettin’ with the nineties lmao.

For now I’m just wandering the forum kinda aimlessly.


Welcome @ixchel.

Congratulations on your first post.


I’m sorry to say, but making cold calls is generally the way to get a pdoc. You have to call and say “hi my name is x and I am looking for a psychiatrist to treat my schizophrenia. Are you accepting new patients at the moment?” And then if they say no “can you recommend the number of a doctor who is?”


Lol! I wander through life aimlessly on some days.

If you ever feel like chatting please join us under the Say Anything thread in the lounge the place where you can say anything as long as in compliance with forum rules

Great that you introduced yourself.



Which reminds me

The rules and guidelines can be found here


ty. :slight_smile: No way but the hard way, yes?

I’m going to do this in the next 3 weeks. I’m manifesting this into existence. Somehow.

Thank you for helping me focus. It helped.


That is the easy way. The hard way is for the cops to drag you in cuffs to the hospital and get a shot in the bum.


The Best Advice I’ve Seen All My Life.

Sadly There Are No Options Other Than Treatments From A Professional.

It Could Be A Fun, or Horrific Experience Depending On Your Choices.

Be Cautiously Optimistic And Make Reasonable, Hopeful Plans For Your Acceptable Future.


ouch. I guess so…when that happened to me in nyc years ago I didn’t remember at all, so that. I’m just so scared of strangers that even the memory of getting my skull thumped one other time kinda paled next to not completely freaking out at dealing with new people when I am in need.

Mostly tho the popo are fairly gentle with me because they just see a really withdrawn girl->lady->older woman so they tend not to get too rowdy.

I was once in full manacles & leg irons in custody of the Texas Rangers for a transfer from a university hospital to State. I looked so pathetic carrying a tenth of my body weight in hardware store miscellany that he cut me loose after we were off the ward.

ohhhh…mannnn…soo many memories come flooding back here…I’ll stop now.



You’ll find very little ‘snark’ on this forum.

Being crackers is a prerequisite to joining this site. So we’re all in the same boat and we aren’t very judgemental with each other.

I hope you stay…we could always use a new perspective on topics and life from a newcomer! :slightly_smiling_face:


This is wise counsel! I’m glad I found you here!

I am fiercely independent; I live on my own offgrid and have always done what I needed to do. But sometimes, sometimes ya just gotta call in the pros, and even I know that :smiley:

Really, tho, just having someone nudge me in the right direction and remind me what I have to do and why helps. It’s waaay to easy for me to get lost in myself.