The fear of water

on an average given week there are three days that I will not do the dishes simply because I do not like the feel of water on my hands is this common

I thought when you said water I thought you meant swimming. I find it quite odd though I love the feeling of washing hands and face get them nice and clean. Swimming gets me quite nervous because I can’t thread water!!!

Sounds like a thing of “touch”. Idk about other sz, but I don’t like to be touched.

I can relate a tiny bit. I can’t take showers. The feeling of the water hitting me all over, and the noise… that SCherrrrrrrr of the water running just makes me queasy. But I can take baths and swim. I do love to swim.

The water is all over in an even pressure and that is vastly different. A gentle sound of pool water is different then the loud shower.

I’m worse. I fill my bowls with water and “let them soak” till I am out of clean dishes.

I totally understand the not wanting to touch water thing. I don’t do this in my dorm for some reason, but when I am at home for the summer I just don’t want to shower. I do the whole “I’m going to run tomorrow morning so bathing now would just be stupid.” Then I don’t run till late in the afternoon so I am dirty all day. I usually wash that day though. I have no problem washing dishes then or washing my hands. Maybe just because showers take so long?

I only take showers every other day or so…and when I am in the shower I am only in long enough to thoroughly wash and shampoo…about five minutes…I love the feeling of the warm water in a shower…sometimes I’ll just stand there spinning in slow circles to feel the water , almost sad when I turn off the spray…

as far as washing dishes, I do the same onceapoet and soak the dishes until I have to absolutely wash more…haha…

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showering is hard for me to do

I hate getting wet and then having to dry off - maybe i’m lazy

I don’t mind swimming and then showering

but yea if I do shower rarely do I use soap on my body mostly i’m in there long enough to wash my hair and occasionaly shave my pits…

I haven’t shaved my legs in a year or so

5 minutes? You must be a guy.

Shaving your legs takes at least 15 minutes.

yes, I’m a guy…haha…I take the quickest shower you ever seen…haha…unless I"m basking in the hot water, which is the only reason my showers take 10 minutes sometimes…haha…

The fear of water is normal yes, it has killed so many people it’s rediculous, not to mention we’re made of meat and we can tend to freak out about this kind of stuff because it isn’t normal to be made of meat at all.

I get the water as hot as possible and then sit there for maybe fourty minutes talking to myself about how to set up a collectively benevolent way of life.