Help for bathing


I have a theory on why I have a dislike for bathing or showering. I feel really disoriented when I do either. I feel like I don’t know what’s going on around me. The noise of the fan and the noise of the water make me feel that they are covering up other sounds and I’m missing something. I’m worried that someone is knocking on the front door or calling on the phone. It explains why I feel better if my husband hangs out with me when I’m in there. It also explains why I would have a hard time doing it when no one else is home. And it explains why I feel worse when I have to get my head/ears under the water, I really can’t hear what’s going on. I hate it. It ruins the whole bath. Do you think that contributes to you not wanting to bathe as often as you should?


I also always hear phones ringing or crying in the shower. Probably due to the sound of the water in the pipes.


does it disturb you?


Yes, but I try to ignore it. When I get out it stops, and usually my phone doesn’t show any missed calls.


I’ve actually started bringing my phone into the bathroom with me so I can hear it better, because otherwise I’ll keep thinking I’m hearing it faintly.


Sometimes playing music helps me tune out the ringing and clamour of the water and everything else


Shower steam is good for your skin, not so for the electronics in your phone.
I lost my first ipad this way.
If your in the market for a new phone, disregard this message, otherwise, it’s best to put it in a waterproof or zip lock bag.


Oh crap, I didn’t think of that! :open_mouth:


I don’t like getting in the bath because I’m lazy af. It’s so much work and when I get out I always need a lie down to recover. I mean, I say I’m lazy, and that’s at least part of it, but also the warm water ■■■■■ with my blood pressure and I have a tendency to pass out. Hence the bath and not a shower.


I procrastinate till the cows come home because I hate all the noises I hear-like someone walking up and down tbe hall, doors opening and closing, talking…it’s annoying.


I have issues with baths cause im always scared that bugs will end up in the water.


I’m so sorry. I fear that too. But I haven’t thought about it in a long time because I haven’t had an actual bug in a long time. Oh and also I finally stopped ritualistically checking my shoes for spiders. I hope this doesn’t trigger any of that again. What is wrong with me? Sorry.


Oh gosh I hope I didn’t trigger you or upset you!! There aren’t spiders in your shoes I’m sorry

There’s nothing wrong with you your just having a rough day (hugs) I hope you can feel better!!


No, no! Don’t worry. You didn’t say anything wrong at all. Please don’t think it’s you. It’s me, I’m out of it right now. And you are right it was a rough day. And thank you, ((((hugs)))) right back at ya!


Guess what happened to me. I swear that as far as I know in all honesty what I’m about to tell you is the truth. It actually happened. I have had this phobia of a spider being inside my shoe when I go to put it on for awhile. I don’t know why I have the phobia, it had never happened to me or anyone I know, but for some reason I thought a spider was going to go in my shoe while I was sleeping. I knew it was an unreasonable fear but I felt compelled to ritualistically check my shoes before I put them on. One day my son went to put his sneakers on right in front of me and I stopped him to tell him to tap his shoes before he puts them on in case there’s a spider. So I tapped his shoe to show him how and I’ll be damned if a big old spider didn’t come running out of his shoe. I swear. For some reason my need to check my shoes slowly subsided and now I don’t check.


I was looking for a kid safe spider repellant last year and came across a 3:1 water: vinegar plus 15 drops peppermint oil per cup. I used it around our patio and even when it got cold, no spiders at all. It was really impressive how well it worked.


:scream: omg I would’ve died on the spot right then and there. That’s so scary omg!!! But I’m glad you dont feel the need to check anymore though!

I actually have a very similar fear though. I always get scared of cockroaches (and sometimes scorpions) so I keep my shoes in my room but if my shoes end up not in my room I have to shake them before I put them on.


ikr, you would think I would freak out completely but I was just so surprised I was right that I just kind of froze. My son just looked at me like I was a wizard. I seems so unreal. But he verifies that it happened.


Thanks for the tip. I refuse to use poison so we’re stuck with whatever bug finds us comfortable unless there’s a natural solution.


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