Honestly, I am gonna start gearing up for the apocalypse

The stuff is happening too fast and this nation is divided, the world is involved, and the message the US sent us today was “Hey mentally ill, you have to protect yourself from incoming threats and danger. We now give you access to the same weapons as healthy people. Game on.”


Uhh I feel like Apocalypse would be a too much happy ending.
We, as a humankind, deserve a lot worse.

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I mean, this is the moment when a Batman enters the game and fights the bad guy, but that ■■■■■■ is kinda late.


Fun fact: the blablablas that follow blablabla use Bane’s (from Batman) words in their speeches. They want to tear it all down.

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We can watch it from the rooftop.

Not all schizophrenic are the same. For the more stable of us(don’t know how much I qualify) that need a way to protect themselves. Why should their 2nd amendment right be revoked? You would be okay with knives. Well knives are even more dangerous that firearms within a certain radius.

Also is it illegal to deny service to someone based on them being schizophrenic? Because I remember the first place that I went to buy a gun when I got out of the hospital didn’t serve me. So I went to one that did. Never used it. I just bought it to see if I could.


@AmateurUnlicensedQuack This post reminded me of a recent delusion I had. I was thoroughly convinced Neo-Nazis were coming for my family and I so I frantically tried to pack them up and was planning to move to France. I’m not sure why France specifically other than I’m an artist and it was appealing to my desire to visit Paris but thankfully my wife had everything under control and slowly helped me out of it.

Time to stock up on peanut butter and tuna.
Grow the celery in the backyard…tomatoes too.
Avocado’s take too long, so do pineapples…shoot.

Notice the terrorists sitting back in their movie seats eating buttered popcorn and laughing at us doing their jobs so well it gives them time for a double feature?

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We have ourselves some preparers

I was dead before the ship went down.

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I’m gearing up for the end times and WW3 that is brewing.
Spiritual physically, mentally, and yes, weapons.
@pansdisease Is that from a song? It sounds familiar.

by “the US” you are talking about d.trump right? hehehe

It’s a modest mouse album.

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Ugh yes apocalypse is one of the issues on my mind as well. I am still concerned I am meant to be a soldier in it and maybe that’s why god has me incarnating here, it’s a form of repayment to him for him rescuing me, I’ll stay here and if the apocalypse happens I’ll save his children…(the souls, humans…) or keep them safe anyways while the angels fight off the demons.

First there will be some sort of cataclysmic physical event, a meteor or a war or something, and most if not all humans will die. Then we’ll all be sitting ducks on the astral plane and that’s when the devil and demons will attack. It’ll be a mess because no one will even understand that they’re dead.

watch out for drug resistant tuberculosis, it’s already killed one American celebrity, an elephant at the Oregon zoo.

in humans 1 out of 3 people who gets it and gets treatment survives. it can’t be cured by antibiotics, it is only treatable with a toxic chemo therapy megacocktail. all the chemo does is make it a latent infection not an active infection, 1 in 3 humans have a latent infection but only 5% ever develop active tuberculosis infection from it after something weakens their immune system like close contact exposure to someone with an active infection or HIV. or an infection.

100 years ago in France 1 in 7 deaths were caused by tuberculosis after they knew how it spread (by coughing, talking, singing, laughing, it’s airborne).

there is one hospital on the east coast and one on the west coast that treat it. so if you’re one of the first to get it you’re going to be isolated for up to 2 years for treatment.

an estimated 500,000-600,000 people in the entire world have the most severely drug resistant type formerly known as tdr or totally drug resistant tuberculosis now called xdr extensively drug resistant because theoretically they might discover a cure.

it won’t be a vaccine I think because there is also dr drug resistant and MDR TB or multi drug resistant tb so this thing mutates.

estimates of how fast it spreads say each person with it will infect 1 person a month. so in a few years According to their data it’s gonna be like right before penicillin was discovered.

If you’re feeling misanthropic you should read Mark Twain’s “The Man Who Corrupted Hadleyburg”. Mark Twain hated people. He was funny as hell, but he was still very bitter.

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The greatest threat to mankind is climate change.

People have been saying that the ‘end times’ are here for thousands of years, and every time they’re wrong they just pick another date.

Catastrophic events such as Pearl Harbor and 9/11 have always been met with a global, instinctual coming together of all people. Everyone becomes united in a common cause (it’s a shame that it takes a catastrophic event to achieve this). From a military POV, submarines are the greatest deterrent to a global war.

The kids are alright.

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