Stalkers making me homeless again

Legitimate businesses gave stalkers my address. They’re making me too sick to stay here. Punks in the street are threatening me, because they think if you went out with someone for 2 months, you sold yourself into slavery. Even if it was over 3 years ago. This place is fairly ordinary. Do they act like this everywhere?

@Brendalyn are you ok? Do you have housing?

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Yes. I do. But stalkers are making me very sick. And whoever is helping them is accusing me, of things they do. They also do gross things all over the building to get at me.

I feel like I have stalkers too. Some of them I like and only two I dislike. I know it’s only a delusion though. I hope your medication helps you @Brendalyn. You deserve happiness and calm in your life!

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I don’t know if I’ve ever had a friendly stalker. They’re mostly men who are out for revenge, because women aren’t interested.

I know that my brain made up all my delusions because of a chemical imbalance, dissatisfaction with romantic relationships, and a desire for the attention that I don’t really get. It’s different from real life stalking because I am more flattered than scared.

I hope that you are not being stalked @Brendalyn. Stay safe!!

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They need to give women who are being stalked more legal recourse. I don’t know what they could do, but they need to do something. They could foster an anti stalking task force with the police, but that’s no guarantee of safety.


They claim I want attention. That’s the last thing I want. They claim they’re against drama and actively try to create drama where there is none. They think I owe someone something, for going out with someone for 2 months. I have had men who rejected me. But that is the least of my problems.

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