The deeper meaning of the truman show

What was this movie actually about? Adam and eve? The fall of lucifer? I’m interested in your theories, cause i’ve thought about it a lot and those two are all i can come up with.

My question is if you never seen the truman show movie would you still get the truman show delusion?


I wonder if the director knew he would be influencing a generation of schizophrenics. In retrospect that movie has probably caused a whole lot of harm


Well a certain ancient book also influenced a lot of psychosis too lol.


I have the Truman show delusion somewhat, and it appeared before i had actually seen the film. It just made it easier to relate to it.

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PHILOSOPHICAL ISSUES: free will/determinism, existentialism/individualism, appearance/reality

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Is it about thinking everyone is actors and being filmed?

I read a book about Truman Show Delusion and that type of delusion was around at least 100 years before modern surveillance technology. Back then, they just thought the neighbors were following them and peeking in their windows. As technology increased, the delusions became more elaborate. The Truman Show Delusion is more than likely an after-thought to delusions and paranoias before it’s time. The TSD is not in the DSM5, but it should be, since it’s a real thing. I am pretty sure paranoid delusions of stalking and persecution have been around forever.

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Yes persecutory delusions are very common.

Yeah, it’s around the time Jim Carrey stopped being funny.

What is the Truman show delusion? I have been scared that I am being broadcast on radio or TV. Is this the Truman show delusion?

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Yup that’s it. Welcome to the show (you’re not on a show don’t worry)

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Oh I actually had that too.

There was an app about my life on everyone’s phone.

They could watch me live.

It drove me crazy

At one point I was hunched on the ground by a busy town bus stop crying out loud ‘sorry’ to the public. Because I thought that they could start to read my mind too. And they were being shown clips of my past mistakes

And I was remembering all my bad mistakes

I personally believe this delusion is about coming to terms with your mind.

In such a way that you are OK with it, ie. Ppl can hear my thoughts and I wouldn’t give a damn.

There is no deeper meaning, it’s just a movie.

When I was psychotic my first delusions were around the history of scientology of all things.

Our illness can latch on to anything

Sometimes it’s daft things like the Truman Show

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Yeah, I agree with @Joker . It’s just a movie about a guy who is unwittingly having his life broadcast and managed. There is no deeper meaning. It’s very self explanatory. Not complicated at all.

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It was about being filmed everywhere i go and people watching me constantly. And yes that some people i interacted with werent real.

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Since i was a kid
I thought that others
are fake, actors
put by God to test me.

I didn’t have the movie thing back then.
Now I do

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Never seen it. 151515

I’d seen it before.
And one of the first voices, while half asleep, told me that I was at the center of a Truman show.
I then immediately googled my name to see if something odd would show up, but another voice told me “they are hiding it from you” and I got sooo paranoid so my first episode began.

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Phillip K Dick who wrote it had drug induced psychosis his whole life. He used amphetamines a lot and died in his early fifties because of it. He wrote about 40 books. He was always poor. He was supposed to be very funny and entertaining to be around. How anyone can be a drug addict and read books is beyond me but I’ve heard a lot of intellectuals are drug addicts and alcoholics. YouTube is my source of information. I’ve read a few of his early short stories and liked them a lot. I bought a novel by the him but found it boring. He talked about this being a computer simulation as far back as the 1970’s. Apparently something was altered in his life which led him to believe it.

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