The dead judging

Do you think they’re observing and judging you? I do sometimes.

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Nah, I don’t worry about that nearly as much as being judged by the living people who are spying on me and monitoring me.

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I don’t really worry about the dead. I too worry about the living. I hate being “observed” it makes me feel like a family pet.

I did get stressed out because of the dead watching me, but not anymore. Maybe the meds have taken that away. I still believe in spirits that can be stuck here on earth and nee help to move on. I’ve experiences close contacct with them. One was my grandfather, one at work and in my friends home a spirit whent right through me and tickled me in my belly.

I don’t know, but it might be they are helping me in some fashion.

The thought has not crossed my mind (yet.) I’ve enough to worry about with the living.

Let them judge, They are the guilty ones.

I don’t worry or think about the dead, now that I am more stable. I do however dislike how some people look at me or judge me in a negative light. I don’t think it’s all in my head, even though I suffer from paranoia. It isn’t everyone just a select few.

I saw a ghost once. I think it was trying to tell me something. I’d like to go backto that hhouse and see if I can see it again. As for dead family members, I just wish they’d do something. Show themselves. I’m pissed off with rappings and invisible goings on. I want to c my husband. Or better yet I want his eldest daughter to c him and tell me. Do I think he judges me. Yes probably. My lack of parenting skills and times I do a good job with the kids. I think he’d be judging in a supportive manner though. Not critical, just constructive. As for the others? I don’t know. I would hope they’re around somewhere. Xxx