Do you think the dead are watching us?

Waiting to judge us when the time comes.

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Yes, I think they are watching us but not to judge us. They are watching us because they love us, much like we watch celebrities. They don’t judge. They accept us completely. They hope we will make healthy decisions but love us either way. I believe they are connected to us. We are connected to each other and everyone that has ever lived via Collective Consciousness. Yes, we are surrounded by it/them all the time. That’s what I think.

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As a delusion of schizophrenia I think the dead can whatch me at times,

I can rationalize out of this most of the time.

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i saw an angel once… so maybe the spirit world exists.

ever now and then, if we are . there was a time when it came to me, that the alien angles were telling us bits and pieces of they race hopeing we would evolve in to there kind, and the furture was saying we would turn out in to a warier sea spices. although the spirits in the sky keep making us, we are not alone. any way.

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They hang around my house far too often, waiting at the portal, hand extended, waiting to shake.

After my dad died I started having a lot of dreams with him in them. The same was true of my mother, though not nearly as much. I never had dreams with either one in them while they were alive. Sometimes I wonder about it.


Apparently this unusual belief is not an unusual belief.


I think there’s more to the world than meets the eye.

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The dead are dead. How could they reason or judge us without a brain? Idk. Maybe they are connected by means of some sort of energy but I do not think they are watching us.

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I swear my auntie visited me as an angel while I was in the hospital. Yep, I’m one of those people lol

No, they’re dead. Dead means they’re dead.

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NO dead people are watching us, so many odd beliefs. mostly born out of fears and hope for another life

I don’t know. I believe there is an afterlife, but don’t know what it would be like. When I was extremely frightened, many comforting images of both my dead grandmothers came to mind out of nothing. I wondered later if they were trying to help me. I never had images like that of them before.

Ummm ghosts sometimes. Sometimes they’re wrapped up in their own little worlds hardly aware of their surroundings but sometimes I think they get bored or don’t want to deal with their own problems so they creep on the living around them.

The ones that moved on I don’t really have a clue. I feel like they have more important things to do. Maybe they’ll check in every once in a while. The whole thing about moving on is you’ve “moved on” from your life and let go of it. If you were obsessively worried about how people on earth were doing and constantly wanting to keep tabs on them, you’d be a ghost not moved on.

Moving to Unusual Beliefs, since this can factor in to delusions for people (it has for me).

I thought I was being watched by the dead and judged hard. It was very painful for me.

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“Do you think the dead are watching us?”

yes, I believe my grandma is.
I wrote poem about that

I don’t ever feel I was judged by the dead. Definitely watched though. A flipping invasion of privacy. Made me angry more than anything. Let me shower in PEACE dangit.

It got worse as I got older. Ghosts can get pretty creepy :unamused::unamused: I’ve made long internet rants on it before. Think they can get away w crap because they’re invisible. Mmm not on my watch.

For me, it was that they suddenly knew everything about me and knew that I had never deserved their love. And that they had the power to come back to me but refused to do so because I was so disappointing, and they were angry for having spent so much time on me already.

Completely devastating. It feels like I cried for a year straight.

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I’m really sorry about that.

I don’t really have any dead loved ones who I knew well and was close to so I guess I couldn’t have that experience anyhow. I remember having a lot of that insecurity with God though, and thinking he wouldn’t want anything to do with me if I wasn’t perfect.

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