The dangers of hallucinating too much

So I have schizophrenia, I am doing ok, but there are neural problems that will take place with too much off-medication.

Hi ho!

So I’m 8 months medified, probably. I love it. Happy days to me, Abilify is a wonder drug that saves the day.

Seriously. Card carrying member of AAA.


You are one of the lucky ones

I love Abilify as well. Next step, one college class Spring 2015! Testing the limits is always nice.

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recurring episodes cause brain damage. It is crucial to notice your early signs of an episode and to treat it with medication and therapy (or just medication if you can’t access therapy) and not wait until the damage is done. I myself had a relapse this semester but stubbornly stood my ground and made a B on an exam because of it, it could have been worse! Now I know my indicators of an episode much better (referring to myself as Bjorn the Mad is not okay…when you aren’t Scandinavian).